Dram Initiative #017 – Drinking Our Way ‘Round Scot(ch)land

Dram Initiative #017 – Drinking Our Way ‘Round Scot(ch)land

Movember 26th 2014


(Editor’s Note:  The Irish have a gift for bending the truth to suit their whims.  Case in point.  Mr. O’Maltmonster was gracious enough to save me some work by drafting up this l’il episode recap, but he crammed it full of untrue nice things about me.  I deny it all.  I did swear I wouldn’t change anything he wrote, but he never said I couldn’t put my own disclaimer atop.  Now…back to my misanthropic, curmudgeonly ways…)

The planning committee, of and for the unwashed members of the Dram club, always attempts to keep the club tastings stimulating, current and nutritious. To that end, and with all concerned on balanced diets these days, we thought why not balance a diet of Scottish whiskies with the different whisky regions of Scotchland.

There are only five official whisky regions in Scotland, but given the contrarian wisdom of the planning committee, we thought it best to go with one additional region called “Islands in the Stream”. This region is everything from any Scottish island, excluding Islay.

The location for the night’s festivities were held in the lower whisky hall of the Marda Loop Community Centre. Between the upper & lower hall, we have grown to call this the home of the “Drammed and Land of the Designated Drinkers”.


Our spirit guide for the night was none other than our ne’er-do-well, anti-Irish club president, Curt Robinson’ AKA: Captain Curt Robinson or CCR. For those not in the know, Curt’s passion for whisky is immeasurable and he is the godfather and architect behind the Dram club’s existence. Thank you Curt … you complete us! In his spare time, when he’s not euthanizing whisky bottles, he runs a website called “All Things Whisky”, where he writes and solicits opinions on ‘all things whisky’. Curt also hosts a book & booze club called “Liquorature”, where a small group of fanatical Bohemians believe the true path to paperback enlightenment is lubrication through the water of life.

CCR rocked us through one hit whisky after another, stopping between whiskies to explain the difference between regions along with the subtleties of each whisky, all while interposing club business. The presentation was informative and with the help of the slide show, very entertaining.


The whiskies were tasted & enjoyed in the following order:


1)      Auchentoshan Valinch 57.2% ABV


2)      Glenrothes 1991 Vintage 43% ABV

3)      Aberlour A’bunadh Batch 49, 60.1% ABV


4)      Old Pulteney 17 Year Old 46% ABV

5)      Balblair Vintage 1989 46% ABV


6)      Springbank Society Bottling, Local Barley 14 Year Old 57.8% ABV


7)      Arran 17 Year Old 46% ABV

8)      Talisker 25 Year Old 2012 45.8% ABV


9)      Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014 51.4% ABV


Interjected into the night’s tasting was different club business. The club, at this time, is just over 70 members strong. Membership will be allowed to grow until we can quickly sell out at all events. The club, moving forward, will be doing both one and, when available, two bottle events. Starting in January 2015, the ‘per event fee’ will be raised from $35 to $40, along with the policy of no refunds on reserved, prepaid spots.

Sadly, members were made aware of the sudden passing of one of our own … may you rest in peace Lane, you will be missed.

We welcomed our newest and sixth Dram committee member, Steve Simcoe AKA: pending (suggestions welcome), whose duties will be best described as harsh and ugly.


Year-end shout out to the Dram committee! First, our hard working treasurer and professional greeter, Scott Wolfe, AKA: Ginger Buddha; Second, Antonio Dourado, AKA: Tone or Big Tony, who’s duties include looking after the food, only because he’s our cleanest committee member; Third, Jason Roberts, AKA: J-ROC, our techno wizard; and last but not least Barry Flynn, AKA: The Irish or Dirty Irish, whose duties include, but are not limited to, pre-tasting and procurement.

Thanks to Stuart, AKA: Stuart-Two-Fist (among other things nick-named for his ability to always have a glass in each hand) for being our non-alcohol gift auctioneer for the night. Your friendly, hypnotic, Scottish accent lulls our members into over paying.

Many thanks to those of you that help with the set up and take down at each event. You know who you are and in your next life, may you be born Irish!

To all the members of the club, have a great holiday break and we will see you in January of 2015 with another stellar line up.


Mostly Sincere,



– Words:  Maltmonster

– Images:  Steve

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