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Glen Elgin 16 y.o. Natural Cask Strength Review

Glen Elgin 16 y.o. Natural Cask Strength

58.5% abv



Less than 10, 000 bottles of this nectar released.  Damn it.  This is bloody good stuff.

For all the hating on Diageo that goes on ‘everyday, everywhere’, they certainly can’t be accused of pumping out nothing but mass-produced shite (just some mass-produced shite).  There are some unbelievably good whiskies in their portfolio.

Glen Elgin is another of their 30+ brands that ends up primarily buried in blends.  Sad really, when one considers the quality in this bottle.  A Speysider, but one I would argue that is rather atypical of what I usually think of as the Speyside profile.  A good thing.  Having expectations shattered is what keeps us humble.

Nose:  Oh, man…gorgeous sweet nose.  HAS to be Oloroso casks in here somewhere.  Syrupy (flavour and consistency).  Smoky.  Orange liqueur.  Vanilla and a slight floral note.  Beautiful natural caramel.  Wet leather.  Deep and intriguing.  I’ll bet there’s something older than 16 in here somewhere.  The florals hide a more old school style malt underneath.

Palate:  Cherry and oak.  Malt and a bit of smoke.  Back to the oranges.  Jam.  A touch of cough syrup.  …And nearly the same consistency.  Oh wow.

Limited, and largely sold out by now, but hopefully there is another batch to follow.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt