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Grants Family Reserve Review

Grants Family Reserve

40% abv

Score:  70/100


A review a couple of years in the offing.  For no other reason than a slightly traumatizing first meet and compromised first impression (if ever we raise a glass together I’ll fill you in).  I like to think that by this point I am coming in with no bias, but who knows what residual shudders are still going on up in that mass of gray matter.  The subconscious is a tricky beast.

So…from what I understand (unsubstantiated rumor, at best, but seems plausible)…dash of ‘Fiddich…splash of Balvenie…couple others in smaller proportion…and a heaping helping o’ grains to prop it up.  Correct me if I am hearing wrong.

What we end up with is…(drum roll)…a blend.  No more.  No less.  Certainly not great, but neither is it offensive.

The nose is malty and grain-rich.  Slightly feinty and just barely staying afoot under the weight of caramel, mashy notes and a dense cloudy homogeneity.  A wee lot of peat as well.  If I’m to be truly honest…this is why blends get a bad rep.  This is simply boring and lifeless.  Hunting for individual fruit notes and such is nearly a lost cause.  I know they must be there.  Water would normally open a whisky up and allow some of those lighter notes to blossom, but as this is only at 40% out of the bottle…if you have to add water…what’s the point?

A mouthful yields more of that weighty maltiness.  Sweet barley and dull caramel.  Only here do we begin to get hints of what may be dried fruits.  The finish…meh.


Comment:  Yet another one where JM is off his f’n rocker


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt