Macallan The Harmony Collection: Rich Cacao Review

Ah, Macallan. I just want to ask…why?

Oh, yeah. The money.

How ’bout we just move on to some notes. This feels lazy, but it’s just really unremarkable (though, not, to be clear, flawed) whisky.

Sherry-seasoned European and American Oak. 44% abv.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Very clean, actually. Some typical (and kinda boring, I realize) fruitcake. The kind with the marzipan toupee. Gramma’s raisin butter tarts. Some sort of reduced cherry, stripped of the zip, and a bit muddled. A touch of potting soil. A little orange and vanilla too. Cacao? Hmmm…you sure? Palate: Like sucking on a dead cinnamon stick. Somewhat vinous. A pronounced lack of texture (can something be pronounced and lacking?). Very spice forward. Rum raisin. maybe a bit of marmalade. Brown butter and spiced honey. Kinda boozy. Finish: A fairly dead, innocuous finish. 79/100

1 thought on “Macallan The Harmony Collection: Rich Cacao Review

  1. kallaskander

    Hi there,

    the highest cocoa related connection is in the packeging. The story spun around that is entertaining. Completely uneccessary but at least entertaining. Small wonder the whisky remains unremarkable.



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