About The Club

Kneel, Sinners.  The time is nigh.

Yes, the Dram Initiative is dead.  Over five years and fifty stellar events.  I kinda feel like we left a legacy.  A footprint that will stand the test of time.  But ultimately the DI, or “Dram” as it was affectionately known by members, had run its course.  Sort of.  There were some changes that needed to happen on several fronts if the club was to continue.  But sometimes it’s easier to simply throw a match over your shoulder and burn the whole thing to the ground than it is to try and shift the course of a monster as large as the Dram had become.

So, I pulled the plug on the DI and, with a small cast of brilliant and deviant minds helping me drive it forward, launched the sinDicate Single Malt Society.  Some things are the same as they were before, some different, but ultimately this club will be a betterment to an already great Calgary whisky scene.  I promise.

All that’s left to say, members, is…y’ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


– C