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Kilbeggan Review


40% abv

Score:  74/100


Amazing how similar the words ‘blend’ and ‘bland’ are when you really get down to it. 

This Kilbeggan NAS release seems to be the flagship of this particular range out of County Louth’s Cooley distillery in the Eastern climes of Ireland.  Kilbeggan also produces 15 and 18 year variants from what I’ve read, but on Canadian soil they’re either non-existent or as rare as our camera-shy local celebs, the sasquatch and Ogopogo.  Having said that…if the profiles of those two drams are much in keeping with that of this NAS offering I doubt I’ll be scouring far and wide for ’em.

I don’t want to get too down on this one, ’cause it’s not an offensive whiskey by any means.  If you’re a fan of Irish whisky in its entry-level incarnations (Jameson, Bushmills, etc), I’m sure you’ll find this almost as drinkable.  My own personal gripe with this one is simply that it’s just far too run-of-the-mill and unabashedly underripe.  Young whiskey is fine…so long as the spirit is of highest quality and it boasts a profile that is hitting high notes in its infancy (big cask strength sherry bombs and peat monsters immediately spring to mind).

I should also note that when a bottle such as this is labeled as ‘our finest blend’, it doesn’t exactly light my fire for much else in the range.  Just sayin’. 

Nose:  Sharp, crisp and clean grain.  Youngish, but rather decent blending, I’d say.  Very light fruits.  Citrus zest.  floral or perfumed.  Almost rye-like spices (just big clean grains, I think?).

Palate:  Oh, wait.  What happened here?  Very drying.  Sauvignon blanc.  Walnut and Brazil nuts.  Raw grains.  Not bad, but I wouldn’t say this is something I’d really ever reach for.  Grassy and tea-like at the back end.

Thoughts:  All that was promised on the nose falls flat on the palate.  Sooooo disappointing.  Light enough to suit those unaccustomed to the inticacies of Scotch single malt, I suppose, but those who have a more demanding palate will be shouldering this one aside for something with a little more complexity.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt