Isle Of Jura Superstition Review

Isle Of Jura Superstitiontoday 024

43% abv

Score:  83.5/100


This is sort of the ‘moderately peated’ Jura in the range.  The packaging says ‘lightly peated’, but I can’t help but wonder…is that simply based on acknowledging some of the ridiculous acrobatics of a few of the Islay heavyweights in recent years?  Not sure, but I believe this whisky has a legitimate claim to step up and declare itself a wee bit beefier than it’s letting on.  Hey…let’s face it…peat sells.  Ask Ardbeg.

Superstition is apparently a vatting of fiery young peated malt and some slightly older (though I’d be surprised if older than 12 or so) standard Jura.  Could be.  If so, it certainly integrates the two styles well.  I had assumed it was just a lid-level peating of the everyday Jura malt.

I’ve said it before, and will do so here again….these sort of entry level positioned Jura releases would benefit from bottling at a slightly higher abv.  Just seems a tad weak-ish when it comes to delivery.  Jura is still a wild, rugged and untamed island.  Let’s see some of that primeval might bottled in these releases, with which the distillery likes to play to some of the island’s lore.  (Do some research on Jura.  Neat stuff there and around).

If you dig this whisky, I would suggest taking the leap of faith and grabbing a bottle of Jura’s ‘profoundly peated’ Prophecy (their marketing, not my adjective prowess).  It’s most definitely a phenolic heavyweight, but not only the next logical step in the range, but also a damn fine dram in it’s own right.

Nose:  Malt-heavy and quite organic.  Some feinty new make notes still detectable, but that’s just the whisky showing its scrappiness, and shouldn’t much detract.  A mate said this was a peated version of the Origin (well…my words, his sentiments).  I see where he’s coming from, as some of the fruit melange and honey come through here, with a bit of a spicy and nutty character.  It does have a slightly old school vibe too.  I’d almost (I say ‘almost’…don’t crucify me) peg this as a w&M blend.

Palate:  Slightly off-kilter (but no more so than many of the rather charming oddballs that come out of Bruichladdich), though fruity and pleasant.  Somewhat slightly grassy.  Some of those young feisty feint notes here as well.  Not quite as good as the nose, but quite drinkable with a lot of individual character.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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