Isle Of Jura Boutique Barrels 1996 Review

Isle Of Jura Boutique Barrels 1996086

56.5% abv

Score:  90/100


Yes!  Here we go.  A Jura to seriously build a long-lasting relationship to the distillery with.

Jura and I never really cozied up together at first.  I found ‘er to be a little snarky and unpleasant.  She probably found me somewhat aloof and stand-offish…maybe even snobby.

We’re working on it though, and day by day (ahem…dram by dram) putting our differences behind us.  Let’s not call it love yet, but we’re certainly ‘in like’.  A very pleasant experience with a 25 year old Jura while touring Islay a few months back helped.  A recent bout of make-up sex with the 10 y.o. Origin moved us closer still.  And finally…a revisiting of the heavily peated Prophecy (of which I am a fan) brought me to the point of being ready to sit down and work things out.

This 1996 Boutique Barrels expression was one eighth of a recent Jura tasting I and a mate did.  It was a top three finisher of the eve.  Being as I believe this one is still relatively accessible on the open market, it seemed a great time to share a few thoughts on what is a rather impressive outing from Jura.

This range of Jura releases is exciting in that it is taking the distillery away from the generally low strength standard releases they are more famously known for, and throwing them up against the heavyweights out there already acquiescing to discerning consumer demand for stronger, better and craft presentation.  Not only are they now playing along…they’re viable and earning accolades.  Rightfully so.

Good whisky.  Good presentation.

Nose:  Slightly synthetic sweetness, but very pleasant.  VERY pleasant.  Some peach and other fruits.  York mint patties.  Nice spices…cinnamon, nutmeg.  Not far off some of those Amrut profile zestynotes.  Some rising bread dough.  Glue/putty/fluor paste.  Stewed tomato.  Very cool…very singular nose.

Palate:  Quite some peach again.  Pepper.  A lot of sweet and spicy vanilla notes.  Fresh vanilla pod.  Stays juicy through full development.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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