Amrut Cask Strength (Limited Edition September 2007) Review

Amrut Cask Strength (Limited Edition September 2007)014

61.9% abv

Score: 91.5/100


Limited Edition 2007 release.

Oh wow.  Uh…I think maybe I need a moment alone to collect myself.

This is so much more than the standard Amrut Single Malt on a steroid rampage.  This is awe-inspiring, really.  Truly as singularly focused and massive as the mighty Himalaya, from which this distillery draws its waters.

So…while not simply content to be the beefier big brother to the standard release, this does in fact have all the hallmarks that immediately announce the familial lineage.  Spice, orange, chocolate and doughy notes.  As soon as I pick up on those now familiar friends, I can settle in in relative comfort and begin the sensuous journey of unraveling another one of these foreign and exotic beauties.  I can’t hide it and don’t try…I love Amrut.

Do rest assured however, my shameless adoration and rooftop-shouting is not at all recognized by the distillery or the industry in any way (ahem…what I mean is…no, I’m not getting kickbacks).  I’m just a shameless shiller, really.  Find something good and do your best to share it with the world.  Religions have been founded this way.  Hmmmm…Amrut as religion.  Services like that I’ve no qualms about attending more than once a week.

Anyway…I’m a bit of a flavor whore, as you may recognize by now.  Big, bold and long-lasting are immediate selling points for me.  Tag-team that concept with one of my favorite distilleries and…hey…you’re bound to find a happy guy sipping whisky in my back yard.  The notes and nuances we get to magnify with each Amrut release at cask strength are simply out-of-this-world.  These folks from Bangalore are blazing their own trails and have built a brand unlike anything available anywhere else in the world.

I toyed with an extra half point, but will leave it at 91.5+.

Nose:  Cinnamon, bread dough.  Exotic sweets (think Indian desserts).  Faint, faint, faint echoes of tropical fruit notes.  White and milk chocolates.  Maybe Glossette raisins.  Just a drop of each rum and smoke.  Hint of dunnage warehouse.  Mature decades beyond its years.

Palate:  Enormous arrival.  Oranges.  Big cinnamon and clove notes.  Straight on into creamy chocolate.  Then fresh scones, orange zest and papaya.  Flavor is an explosion like oral fireworks.  Not as much finesse as say…the Herald, Two Continents or Intermediate Sherry, but this is a whisky flexing it’s muscle, not trying to be dainty.  Yum.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

10 thoughts on “Amrut Cask Strength (Limited Edition September 2007) Review

  1. Joe

    Curt, Thank You very much for this review and, for me, introduction to Amrut. It’s now on the list.

    1. Joe

      I missed this originally but you had the 2007 release and I see I can now acquire the 2012 release – have you tried more recent releases? As favorable as 2007?

      1. ATW Post author

        Morning, Joe. No…sorry. I haven’t tried he 2012. If you give it a go please share your thoughts here.

  2. Joe

    I did go for the Cask Strength a few weeks ago and thru 1/3+. The sharpness and intensity is beyond anything I have tried in my limited experience. Matter of fact, although it provides a special experience, this whisky is the only I know of that I call too intense to drink straight. Most of the time I don’t add water but I find it’s a must with this particular whisky. For me, adding water to the CS is a great example I show friends how a whisky can “open up” and allow other nuisances and flavors come thru – the intensity decreases and the rounder sweetness shines thru – a very unique “exotic” orange – I cannot pin it down but more of a rich, slightly dark (bright tones too), marmalade than a squeeze of orange, finishes with minor peat/smoke. This and the fact I wish to “drench” my nose in it when my mouth is not in the way makes this a very good dram. Yes, very Yummy!
    I could not say I loved it at first taste but my excitement of it has increased day by day.
    Thanks for the recommendation – I would not have found/purchased this otherwise.

    1. ATW Post author

      Glad to hear. Thanks for the update.

      Interestingly enough, I just passed on a bottle of this to a dear friend yesterday. Managed to find an extra bottle of this older vintage and had to scoop it for him. To me this is a great example of a very ‘pure’ whisky. Clean and simple, but VERY well-made. Love it.

  3. David

    Serendipity! My brother in law and I went on a Whisky recon Saturday night in Calgary. At a medium sized COOP liquor, just scanning the sample bottles we came across this! They didn’t have large bottles. We bought three. One for our Amrut series (to replay last year’s trifecta I asked you about at the time) and one each for the future.

    Would you recommend starting with it? I was planning the order of the other 3 to be IS, Portonova then Fusion.

      1. David

        Worked out great. But I think we’d enjoy all of them more on their own. I find that the IS tends to be best when it is the first of the bunch, and I suspect it’s the same for the others. 3 in a row at cask strength really hits the taste buds.

        Was a great night !

  4. David

    There are still a few bottles of batch 1 left in Calgary. My brother in law and I didn’t buy all of them… Though it’s such a great Whisky I which we did…


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