Bushmills Original Review

Bushmills Original

40% abv

Score:  84.5/100


This revered old chap will always hold a special place in my heart and a place on my whisky shelf. This is where it began for me. The first whiskey I fell in love with. I’ve climbed mountains with it and drank it on my wedding day. I’ve been sick on it and been more than well on it. I truly cannot remember a time when there wasn’t at least a couple different Bushmills bottles in my cabinet.

So what makes it so special? Well…to be honest…nothing really. It is rather typical Irish fare. Light and clean, fruity and grainy.

It is also utterly delicious, and its simple drinkability is where so much of its charm is wrought.

The nose projects sweet caramel barley and smooth subtle nuances of rye or mild bourbon. The delivery is as smooth as a mature Canadian rye. The notes you’d expect based on this are front and center: Mild vanillins, soft and gentle spices and sweet orchard fruit. Primarily peaches. Chewy as hell and nifty to note that while certainly young and clean…it carries flavor notes of something a little older than its years.

Even at a slight 40% abv and chill-filtered, the finish is pleasantly sustained. As the whiskey limps to a slow death on the palate, the final throbbing notes are of a caramel fade and crunchy apple.

Charming, approachable and affordable. The great news is there are all sorts of places to go from here in the Bushmills range. Next? Most likely the Black Bush.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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