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A Few Drams Short

After months of discussion (and quite frankly, procrastination) I’m pleased to begin posting here on AllThingsWhisky.com.

The origin of this website can be traced back some 18 months ago to Liquorature.com, a social group that was formed to share good reading & good drink amongst friends. What we soon came to realize is that we were learning a tremendous amount about whisky and were eager to get out and contribute to the whisky community. Rather than burying our Liquorature content in whisky-specific posts, Curt suggested the creation of a new, whisky focused website.

When discussing this new spinoff site with Curt, I had voiced some concerns. As much as I’d like to, I can’t possibly keep up with his prolific pace. Take a browse around the site…it’s loaded with thorough, thoughtful reviews. It’s an impressive online resource and I’m happy to do my part in leading readers this way.

That said, here’s the deal: I am not going to try to be the Siskel to Curt’s Ebert. What I’ll be aiming for are those things which come more naturally to me – bringing some levity to the conversation, musings on where whisky fits into our lives, and perhaps a bit about food along the way. It’s definitely going to be a work in progress. As a reader, you’re welcome to provide feedback at any point along the way.

So that said, here’s my opening contribution to AllThingsWhisky.com. Hope you enjoy. Let’s have some fun!



Liquorature – A Whisky And Book Club

There are many things in the world that are complimented by a great whisky.  Music is one.  A good book is another.

Nothing goes better with fine whisky though than good company and conversation.

Nearly two years ago now I founded a whisky and book club in Calgary known as Liquorature.  This exclusive little crew (only 7 of us by design…along with the occasional sit-in) meets once a month to chat about books, whiskies, rums and all things related.  Each month has a dedicated host, who is tasked with providing a venue, selecting the whiskies (and a rum for our resident ‘caner), tabling a spread of edibles…and most importantly…picking a book. 

Liquorature is comprised of gents ranging in age from late 20s to mid 50s.  We’re all friends (and better friends because of Liquorature) and we all offer something unique to the collective.  Membership is exclusive and closed.  Any more than 7 or 8 in a room and conversation becomes a little…congested. 

Our gatherings are generally the last Friday of every month.  At the beginning of our evening we meet, greet and eat.  At this point we trot out the bottles and our host will explain what we’re drinking and why he has picked these bottles in particular.  Dramming begins in time with the inaugural question for the host…”so…why did you pick this book?”  The conversation flows fast and free from here.  Generally we’ll stay on topic for anywhere from an hour to two.  When we feel we have exhausted conversation related to the book of the month…it is fair game.  The levels in the bottles drop…the humor grows more candid…the evening blooms.

Our gatherings are a monthly highlight for all involved.  They are an intellectual release and an opportunity to learn.  To date we have tackled books such as ‘The Idiot’ (Dostoevsky), ‘The Namesake’ (Lahiri), ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (Rand), ‘Catch 22’ (Heller), ‘Blood Meridian’ (McCarthy) and ‘On The Road’ (Kerouac).  We have even covered a book penned by a member’s brother (David John Watson’s ‘Geonesis’).  There have been many other books so far, and there will be multitudes to come.

I can not recommend strongly enough that some of you start clubs like we have.  The opportunities at informal whisky tastings are invaluable and enlightening.  The chance to share great literature is rare.  Combining the two…well…bloody brilliant.

Feel free to visit our sister site at www.liquorature.com to see just what we do and what we get out of it.  Notes on our gatherings, book reviews, whisky reviews and rum reviews can all be found there.  Drop a line.

If you want advice on starting your own club, feel free to email at uisgebeatha7@hotmail.com.