Ardbeg Scorch Committee (2021) Notes

I (and many like me, I think) had high expectations for Scorch as some sort of a second coming of Alligator. These were perhaps unfairly lofty preconceived notions, but let’s not pretend that isn’t the exact image that the marketing department wanted us to be smacking our chops to. I mean, ‘heavily charred casks’ was pretty much all that most of us needed to hear, aye? Let’s face it, it’s not like Ardbeg needs to generate any more interest than they already garner. But, hey…it’s tough to brake the hype train once it’s left the shed.

Whiskybase reports that this was matured in refill Alligator casks. I hadn’t read that upon release (shame on me), but seeing as Scorch comes a decade after Alligator, I suppose it all makes sense. Having said that…these barrels, assuming they once held Alligator, were obviously still active as hell. Make no mistake, Scorch is a big, big whisky. Hard to imagine that the Arbeggy folk won’t be pleased with this one.

But is it Alligator 2? That’s the real question, innit? Put simply: nah, not really. But I’m more than happy with Scorch 1.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Black current. Chocolate. Loads of fruit. Almond. Ammonia. Insect repellent (or bug spray, if we ain’t fancyin’ it up). Ginger beer. Veterinary horse salve. Charred scallops and smoked oysters. Melted Wellies. Dragon’s breath. Grilled lime. True Ardbeg.

Palate: Chocolate ganache. Ginger. Loads of a dry coal-like smokiness. Licorice or maybe horehound candy. Black licorice ice cream, even. Pine. Like licking a salted tarry rope. Lime and lime pith. Dry and ashy.

Finish: Spices carry through. Some clay. More black licorice. Lapsang souchong. Long and evolving.

Thoughts: Cool whisky. This is one that will be highly coveted in the years to come. Wish I had more than a single bottle.

Score: 90/100

2 thoughts on “Ardbeg Scorch Committee (2021) Notes

  1. kallaskander

    Hi there,

    it is most often the case that the committee bottling with the higher strength is “better” than the version of 46% for (almost) all others.

    I have tried some of those 46% peoples versions and found that they did disintegrate in the glass if you took your time drinking them.
    They lost all coherence. Did you find something like that in this sample?

    Last time this happened was the Blaaack.


    PS So we are back to something like normal again? Wish it was that easy in other contexts.

    1. ATW Post author

      Morning, mate.

      Have never really experienced them falling apart on me, but to be fair…I haven’t been able to source more than a single bottle of most recent Ardbeg releases, as demand is fierce here. So…I’ve largely been reviewing off of samples and shared bottles. In these cases, I haven’t really left the malt around long enough to drastically oxidize.

      Just nabbed a bottle of Arrrrrrrdbeg. And a decent sample to review as well. Coming soon.

      And yeah…let’s keep this train on the tracks. Cadenhead 7 Stars Blended review coming today or tomorrow.


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