You Deserve An Update

Hey, whisky friends.

First things first…I appreciate the check-ins and continued interest. I really do. And I owe you. There is more to come. The continued evolution of whisky is simply too interesting to me to step away from.


Many of you said it would be helpful for me to use social media to announce new posts. And you’re right of course. But another me – the one that still believes in this ‘thing’ we call humanity – has sort of hijacked my accounts for purposes that are much more important to me right now than simple malt musings.

If you are a Twitter follower, please consider this my apology. My account there has been co-opted as a platform for speaking out against anything this heinous excuse for a ‘president’ and his criminal cronies in Congress have been up to over the last four years. If this offends you…well…don’t follow me. I’d actually prefer you didn’t, as I really wouldn’t like you as a person.

I’m hoping that – come November – we can slip back into whisky chat. I want nothing more.

I don’t know what happens if by some horribly corrupt methods the current administration holds on to power. Either I wash my hands of America entirely, or double down on my efforts. Who knows?

I guess I just wanted to say that I miss doing this, and at some point I’ll be back at it.

Thanks for your support.


5 thoughts on “You Deserve An Update

  1. Peter

    I rarely comment here, shame on me, but i check your post from time to time, and i have to say, that is love your style.

    Hope to read more from you! 🙂

  2. Paul

    So “you really wouldn’t like you as a person” because I have a different political opinion then you ?
    I guess you don’t like 80% of the Alberta population. Conform or be Crushed, the new motto of the left.

    1. ATW Post author

      Hi, Paul. I’m more than okay with differences of opinion and opposing political views, but this isn’t about that. We are literally speaking about a career criminal. Without getting into discussions about children in cages, womens’ rights, LGBTQ rights, tax cuts for the wealthy, kompromat, nepotism the likes of which we’ve never seen, 230,000+ lost lives, etc, etc…I think we’ll just leave it at that. I stand by the statement. If you’re okay with what Trump and the Republicans have done to destroy democracy and devalue equality, then I repeat…I really would not like you as a person.


  3. kallaskander

    Hi there,

    well then how is your current state of being Curt? It is a race and I hope Nevada and Arizona turn Blue in the end and all the best for Georgia of course…


    1. ATW Post author

      Greetings, mon ami. I’m optimistic. Things are not great out there right now, but I feel like humanity has taken a massive step back toward decency. I hope you’re well.



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