New Novel

Hi, friends.

For those of you kind enough to follow my darker literary pursuits, Rotten Soil, my second novel is now up on Amazon. A lot of us are in isolation/quarantine/misanthropic bliss, so a bit of escapism is pretty much mandatory. The thing is…most of us are also suffering a fair bit of economic strain too.

So, I have put the book up at $0.99. I make nothing, but at least maybe a handful of good people can fill a few hours with thoughts other than the second coming of ‘Captain Trips’. I have also dropped the price of Sadie (short story) and Darker Things down to $0.99.

If you do read any of them, and find yourself with a few minutes time afterwards, I’d greatly appreciate any reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. No pressure, though. This is not a quid pro quo thing.

Hope you’re all taking care and being safe. I’ve been debating whisky reviews here for a bit now, but it seems almost inappropriate at the moment. Feel free to a drop a line and share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “New Novel

  1. David

    I just ordered Rotten soil. I think that was $0.99 US. Not complaining. I picked up the other two when you published them and I found them well-written.

    I’m looking forward to sitting down with the new book. Trying to think what dram to pour to go with it. I’m thinking either something peated (ie Rotten soil), or Lambertus, but the latter may smell worse than rotten soil.

    Octomore 10.1 (got it on sale at Zyn) is the frontrunner. Corryvreckin second place. Thoughts?

    1. ATW Post author

      Dirty and peaty. Or a deep, dark bloody one, like a Kavalan Solist Sherry.

      Thanks for having a go at ’em!


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