The Things We Covet…

More reviews coming ASAP. Cold is gone; senses are clear; and, most importantly, I’m keen to chat. So…next review? A private bottling of Kilchoman we had done just for the sinDicate (our local whisky club). Yes, yes, I do obviously have a bias here. Consider yourself forewarned.

In the meantime…let’s play ‘lists’. I love to hear about other folks’ whisky passions.

First list: What are your top five grail malts? The ones you’d consider selling a kid(ney) for.

Second list: What are the top five malts (or blends) you currently have tucked away in your stash? The ones that are nearest and dearest to your shriveled ol’ malt-soaked heart.

I’ll give’r first, just to get us going and (hopefully) stir up some chat.

Grails Malts (or blends) (at the moment, anyway…but this list changes all the time):

  • Black Bowmore (1964, 42 yo)
  • Ardbeg Double Barrel (1974s)
  • Brora 40 y.o.
  • Clynelish 12 y.o. (1960s)
  • Port Ellen 12 y.o. 1980 (Queen’s Visit)

Top Five Tucked in the Bunker:

  • Brora 35 y.o. (2013)
  • Port Ellen 12th Release
  • Springbank 21 (2005)
  • G&M Aberfeldy 1993 (24 y.o.)
  • Brora 30 y.o. (2005)

3 thoughts on “The Things We Covet…

  1. David

    Before I reply, for the grail whiskies, is it wanting to taste, or wanting a bottle?

    And for the bunkered whiskies, can we also have one opened? Or does it have to be a single bottle tucked away?

    1. ATW Post author

      Hey, mate…it’s your list. Do whatever you like. I did bottles I want to own and full bottles in the archives.

  2. Mert

    – Springbank 1966 Local Barley
    – Laphroaig 1967 Samaroli
    – Talisker 1981
    – Bowmore 1966 “Bouqet”
    – Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 3

    – Springbank 21yo 90’s tall bottle
    – Strathisla ’69 G&M
    – Highland Park 25 older bottling
    – Talisker 25 (2004 bottling)
    – Speyside 1973 ALOS


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