Morning, friends.

Just wanted to offer up a sincere thanks to those who still check in regularly waiting for updates.  I’m still here.  All is well.  For an unemployed guy, I’m anything but sedentary.  Time is not really on my side lately, though.  It’s not so much the time to write (I’ll get to that in a moment), as it is the time to sit down and do a proper tasting session.

As many of you are likely aware, I published a short story last month.  There was a bigger project in the works even then.  I’ve finally given myself over to it completely, and within the next week or two should finish the first draft of my first novel.  A much darker bit of writing than the last.

In the short term, I’ll have a review going up here within the hour.  Hang tight.

For those that have asked, the first is available here (US) and here (Canada).  And to those that have read, commented, offered their thoughts…thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. David

    I’ve always felt there was a short story or novel in me somewhere. I wrote one for a contest last year but I was the only entrant and it was cancelled… I found the process helped me to grow.

    What I really dislike is authors (I can think of a couple of Canadian authors I otherwise like) who, when they make reference to Scotch, do such a bad job of it. I’m confident that this won’t happen in your book.

    I can predict that when you publish your novel, I will buy it, and pour myself a dram of something dark and cask strength to read it with.

    Go get em!


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