Meese And Mudslingin’

Awwwwright!  We’re back.

I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last couple of weeks that just didn’t want to let go.  I never got really sick, but I know my senses were a little too compromised to do any sort of reliable whisky reviews (though I’m happy to report that it didn’t stop me from drinking a glass or three along the way!).

In mulling over what to possibly post in the interim, I hunted through my backlog of partially written reviews and noticed that many of them were tasting notes for no age statement whiskies.  Obviously these are a no-no for ATW right now, so…what I was left with were some pretty slim pickings, most of which were still reliant on my re-tasting them first in order to fully flesh out tasting notes.  So what did that leave me to publish for whisky reviews?  Well…quite frankly, SFA.  Oh well.  Instead, the last couple weeks have been about meese (moose? mooses?) and mudslinging.  We stirred up the shit a little, but that’s all behind us now.


Hahaha.  Yeah, right.  There’s a lot more to say, good and bad, about the worldhood of the world of late (or at least the malty microcosm anyway).  We’ll get there, though.

In the meantime…let’s taste some malts!  Any distilleries you want to see reviews from in the coming days?


– Curt

18 thoughts on “Meese And Mudslingin’

  1. Andrew

    Anything from obscure distilleries? With Valentines Day just around the corner, how about some love for malts that never seem to get any?

    1. ATW Post author

      Good idea. And yes…I’m sure I have some oddballs in my sample library. They may be indies though, for the most part.

  2. Robert

    Balvenie (new 15, 17 Doublewood, etc), Dalwhinnie 15 and DE, other Laga 12 releases, Glenmorangie Compata (14 & 18 malt blend). Also bourbons such as Elijah Craig 12 and 12BP, Evan Williams SB (states distill and bottle dates) and many more.

    1. ATW Post author

      I have been meaning to do some more Balvenie for a while. I like that idea. Dalwhinnie…wow…thought I had done the 15. Might even have notes for that one somewhere. Lemme check. Definitely need to get that one and an Oban 14 up ASAP. Good catch, mate! I have a couple more Lag 12s. Will try to do another in short order. Bourbons…you may see a couple, but we don’t get a great local selections, and, while I appreciate them, I don’t really go for that profile too frequently.

      Now, the Companta…hmmm. Thought that was an NAS malt. I have notes on it (was one I was close to publishing before boycotting NAS) but I pumped the brakes. I’ll check into it, but if it is non-age stated, I won’t go there. Sorry.

      1. Robert

        A 60/40 mix of 1999/1995 vintages, according to several sources, which if substantiated by Glenmorangie, would make it a faux NAS. Sneaky on their part, trying to flog it as NAS, just to be hip, when it actually has a detailed history. The things some distillers do to keep up with the prestige brands like Macallan, who came up with the innovative idea to use a color wheel for making their whiskies. The nerds at Glenmorangie couldn’t just say “oh, we have no idea what’s in there, we just liked the color!”. They had to spill the details.

        1. two-bit cowboy

          Glenmorangie couldn’t put two vintages on the packaging for fear of being flogged by the SWA.

          Truth isn’t part of the “regulations”.

          Only the youngest, only the youngest, only the youngest. Broken record.

        2. ATW Post author

          Ahhhh. Got it. Still NAS then. Yeah, some diehards might be able to suss out details, but not due to any movements towards transparency on the part of Lumsden and co. Still won’t review this one then. Thanks for the info though.

    2. basidium

      I really like the Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition.
      The Dalwhinnie 15 always ranked toward the top in local reviews.
      So I too am curious to see how the DE ranks up there. 1995 edition was excellent IMHO.

  3. DAVID

    There’s lots of stuff I’d like to read about, but maybe if you gave us a list of the ones you have available for review we could help generate a short list for you to choose from.

    Otherwise I’d love a review of Bladnoch 12 YO sherry cask 55% before I open mine.

    1. ATW Post author

      I have a bottle of that put aside for a near future Dram Initiative Mortlach tasting (which, trust me, will not be the Diageo dog and pony show that the rest of the world gets). May be a couple months, but I WILL get to this particular one.

  4. Cameron

    Hey Curt,

    a couple things I’ve been hoping to see pop up on here:

    Tomatin Cu Bocan 1989 – seems to be some highly variable reviews out there on this one.

    Bowmore Devil’s Cask 2

    recent Tomatin 1993 Willow Park bottling

    that Springbank 12 Single Cask bottled for the Alberta market (blue lettering) which I think is quite excellent

    either of KWM’s new Glendronach single casks or their earlier Duncan Taylor Octave Mortlach and Deanston

    Yes, it’s a very Alberta-centric list….

    1. ATW Post author

      Some of these are lined up for future club events. The ‘Dronachs and Tomatin for sure. As to those DT Octaves…sure…let’s do those ones next.

    2. ATW Post author

      There ya go, Cam. My thoughts on the DT Octaves you’d hoped for. Both posted. Let me know what YOU thought of them. Cheers.


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