Happy Holidays

merry-christmasJust thought we’d take a moment to wish a happy holidays to all of you. 

It’s Christmas eve.  4:30 pm.  Just about to bundle up the family and take Loki (our Golden Retriever) for a quick trip to the off leash.  Think we’ll come home for dinner after that, before heading out to see the nativity play.  Ironic, I know, being an atheistic family and all.  Tradition.  And the kids love the animals in the play. 

The gifts are all wrapped.  The evening’s drams are picked out.  Think we’re ready for the big guy to make an appearance.  (Santa, that is…not Maltmonster.  Though he’s always welcome too). 

Anyway…thanks for bearing with me as we work our way through the whisky advent calendar.  Been a fun ride.  Maybe not so much fun from an outsider’s point of view, but hey…gotta mix it up sometimes, right?  One more malt to go and then we’ll be back to knocking out the more readily available fair.  I think we’ll also revisit a few favorites from throughout 2014 in a quick recap post (no…not a ‘best of’…more like the ‘most memorable’ as I’ve done previously). 

Enough rambling.  I’m writing just to say thank you to all of you who visit the site, share your insight and thoughts…and drop me the occasional email.  Appreciate the dialogue and ongoing support.  That’s what keeps it interesting.  To you…and all of yours…all the best for a great Christmas season.  If Christmas isn’t your thing, all the best for a happy holiday of any choosing. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. 

Sweet drams,


– Curt 

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