Advent Day 19: “Spice King” 12 y.o. (Wemyss Malts)

Secret Spirits Advent Calendar Day 19 – December 19th034

“Spice King” 12 y.o. (Wemyss Malts)

Blended Malt

40% abv

Score:  85/100


A whisky from the Secret Spirits Advent Calendar First Edition.

So, I know they’ve marketed this whisky as the king of spice (“as I conceive it”), but in this humble guy’s eyes it seems a little more of just an old school charmer than a spice beast.  Yes, there are some of those woody, faded Christmas spice notes (think old, dry cinnamon sticks, faded and expired nutmeg, etc), but these are far from the primary drivers in the overall profile.  To be honest with you, I think that’s a good thing.  The profile that does shine through, though, is quite a good one.

“Spice King” is an age-stated blended malt from Wemyss.  That means all of the component single malts are at least a dozen years old.  good start, I’d say.  Not that age equates with whether or not the whisky is actually good or not, but it does at least give some assurance that we’re not getting any really biting, young, feinty or spirity notes.  To be frank…I’m just happy to see a blend of any sort with numbers on the bottle.

Another good whisky, this.  Wemyss has some of the better young blends / blended malts I’ve encountered.

Nose:  Peaty and malty.  Some smoke.  Leather and horse blanket.  Salty dough and lots of cereal notes.  Dull lemon and orange.  A little dry and flinty.  Even mossy.  Some slightly feinty notes.   Almost like a young, watered down Springbank.

Palate:  Peaty and old school.  Barnyard.  Malty and reminiscent of very not-sweet pie crust.  Oster on the shell, including briny juices.  Wet woods.  Finishes with apple skins.

Thoughts:  I like this.  But I like whiskies of this more ‘traditional’ style.  A bit of everything here, but maybe a little shy on the fruits.  Like Islay meets Campbeltown lite.

Bonus:  My mate, Jonathan, and I are gonna blog on these drams side by side through the season.  Here’s a link to his notes on the same whisky at


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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