Moving On…

So… now that we’ve arguably offended nearly everyone in the wider whisky world with our NAS discussion (and will offend the rest with a few planned upcoming features), let’s get back to sharing the word on a few choice whiskies.  What say?

Coming days we’ll tackle the following (in theory):

  • Connemara
  • Connemara 12 y.o.
  • Kilbeggan
  • Ardbeg Kildalton (2014)
  • Johnnie Walker King George  IV
  • Benromach Peat Smoke
  • Bowmore White 1964
  • Bowmore Gold 1964
  • Bowmore Springtide
  • Oban 14
  • Bushmills Black Bush
  • Talisker Storm
  • Talisker 57 North
  • Talisker 25 (2005)
  • …and several randoms, indies and whatever strikes my fancy.

We’ll also share the word on the last couple Dram Initiative club events (Alberta Distillers with Norm Little; Bowmore with Iain McCallum and our year end wrap-up event at Moxie’s Downtown) and last week’s killer Ardbeg TracTOUR dinner event with Charton Hobbs/LVMH.

Oh, yeah…and some early bits of planning for Islay Trip 2015 (14 months away!).  Wife just gave me the final green light to lead a ragtag crew of fine folks across the pond again.  Bring on the peat reek!

Few other bits and pieces planned, but we’ll get there when we get there.

In the meantime…sincere thanks to all for all of your feedback, contributions to discussions, insight, shared thoughts on whiskies and ongoing encouragement.  It’s appreciated more than you know.





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