Talisker 27 y.o. (1985) Review

Talisker 27 y.o. (1985)086

56.1% abv

Score:  93/100


Last year’s sassy special release from Diageo’s Classic Malt pepper monster, Talisker.

This was a hell of a dram coming out of the Isle Of Skye, and I can only laud Diageo for recognizing it as such and releasing it at the perfect state of maturity.  It takes some foresight to properly assess and hold onto these great casks as they develop.  More importantly though, it takes the right nose to know when it’s time to pull the spirit from the barrel and let it meet the bottle.  27 years turned out to be just that magic number here.

A great cask strength whisky firing on all cylinders.  A rare gem well worth trying if the opportunity presents, though I imagine it is fairly difficult to come by in most markets and at this late date.

Nose:  Creamy caramel, with some beautiful fruits.  Primarily of the orange-ish tropical variety.  Roman Nougat candy.  Pepper.  Brine and shellfish.  Those beautiful old wax/paint/latex notes that define great old whiskies.  Orange and other citrus notes.  Wood smoke.  Mild peat.  A faint touch of rubber at the back end as it develops.

Palate:  Some rather farmy notes.  Coffee with dark chocolate.  Orange and lemon.  Salt and pepper, as we’d expect.  Not just pepper though, but some chili as well.  Peat.  Not quite as fruity as the nose promises, but

Thoughts:  A beautiful old whisky.  A mate couldn’t get over how ‘Maritime’ this was, and indeed it says so right on the bottle.  I can’t help but agree.  This is a great age for Talisker.

Thanks to the fine fellow (whose anonymity I will respect here) for sharing this one.  Cheers!


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

2 thoughts on “Talisker 27 y.o. (1985) Review

    1. ATW Post author

      Hey, Bryan.

      Sorry for the delayed response. Hope this helps:
      Talisker 20 (2002) – 94/100
      Talisker 20 (2003) – 90.5/100
      Talisker 25 (2005) – 91/100
      Talisker 25 (2008) – 90/100
      Talisker 25 (2012) – 89/100
      Talisker 27 1985 – 93/100
      Talisker 30 (2009) – 92/100
      Talisker 30 (2010) – 93/100
      Talisker 35 (2012) – 94/100


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