Glengoyne 17 y.o. Review

Glengoyne 17 y.o. glengoyne_17_year_1

43% abv

Score:  79.5/100


Think this one is now long gone, excepting those few bottles still dust-gathering on the shelves out there.  Highly possible, though, that they’re gathering dust for a reason.  Not a great malt from a distillery that I’m having a tough time really getting behind.  Nothing bad from Glengoyne (that I’ve encountered anyway), just nothing good either.  Simply another middling malt from the Highlands.

Pour a glass and the first nosing will have you thinking this just might be one of those affordable grail malts we all hunt for.  First sips, however, will tell you otherwise.  Sigh.  Big disappointment.  Love the nose though!

Nose:  Wow.  I really like this nose.  Very gentle, pleasant and approachable.  Creamy with light butterscotch notes.  Sweet pastries.  A touch of orange and pineapple.  Cookies and a little bit of milk chocolate.  Brilliantly subtle spices.  Restrained wood notes.

Palate:  Man…huge disconnect between nose and palate.  Still malty and nutty like the 10 year.  Slightly salty playdough note.  Some orange now.  Vanilla.  Deeper threads of sherry influence here than the nose belies.  Thin, and tannic.  So disappointing after the intricacies promised by the nose.  In what seems like a theme in the Glengoyne OBs…not a great finish.

Thoughts:  Would benefit enormously from being scored on nose alone, but you know we can’t do that.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

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