Take A Bow, Jaxon…

Sometimes you just gotta share a little bit of ‘awesome’.

A couple weeks back a few of my mates and I braved a whole lot of nasty weather in order to go see one of the world’s greatest rock bands, Pearl Jam. 

The show was killer.  Great setlist…great seats…and some hijinks on the part of yours truly that made it a little memorable (some things we’ll just keep secret).  One of the highlights, though, was another opportunity to see just how well this band connects with its fans.  Just before launching into ‘Go’, from possibly-their-best-album Vs., Eddie gave a shout out to a little man from Calgary named Jaxon Smith.  The gents from PJ had seen a youtube clip of Jaxon beating the hell out of his drumkit with his own rendtion of ‘Mind Your Manners’ from the new album. 

View image on Twitter

The crowd, in a great display of solidarity with their little hometown rockstar, went mad with applause.  Awesome stuff.

Check out a clip here of Jaxon playing along to ‘Go’, the tune PJ dedicated to him, and here to see him rocking ‘Mind Your Manners’, the tune that initially brought him to the band’s attention.

…And here, finally, is a clip of the actual dedication itself. 

Way to go, Jaxon.  You’re awesome. 

Eddie, Jeff, Stone, Mike, Matt (and Boom)…you are gentlemen of the highest calibre.  Cheers.  Can’t wait to see you back here.

We’ll raise a glass (of Kool-Aid) to Jaxon!  Slainte!


– CR

– Photo:  Yahoo OMG

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