The Dram Initiative #003 – Duncan Taylor & A.D. Rattray

“Independents Day”:  Duncan Taylor & A.D. Rattray w/ Jonathan Logo (2)

July 9th, 2013


Only two sleeps ’til the next Calgary whisky club meeting.

Club members have been privy to some email about this one, but for the benefit of the great unwashed, let’s share a few more details…

We had initially set up our planned July 9th event with a rather clandestine air about it.  We’d put together a unique line-up, quite off the map if you will, and wanted to ensure there were no preconceptions or opportunities at prejudice.  But…in order to facilitate an opportunity to have the global ambassador for this ‘secret’ distillery come through and speak to his own products…we elected to push that agenda back a few months.  Obviously this last minute swap means panic to come up with something new, right?  Nope.  Rest assured we’re set up for several tastings, and could have picked one of any few we have lined up.

Ultimately though, we didn’t even have to go that far.  Some new machinations came to light, and one of our mates came to the rescue one night as we sat around discussing the club over drams and cigars at my place.  Between he and the committee we came up with a plan B that is anything but B quality.

Our good friend Jonathan Bray of Purple Valley Imports (named Whisky Magazine’s Importer Of The Year – Issue 107 Feb), will be spending the evening with us talking about two of the big guns in the independent bottling world, Duncan Taylor and A.D. Rattray.  Jonathan is fortunate enough to have both in his portfolio, and if you’ve never seen the man speak you’re in for a treat.  Everything’s better with an Australian accent.  Breaking out the kilt for this one, Jonathan?

For those who’ve yet to try either of these lines, the “Independents Day” tasting is a perfect opportunity.  We’ll be sampling 8 whiskies, all from different distilleries.  A couple of these distilleries are very rarely bottled as single malt whisky, with well over 99% over the distillery’s output hitting the shelves buried in blends.  To further up the ante, 5 of the 8 to be tasted are well over 20 years old.  These are cask strength drams, my friends.  Please plan your travel accordingly.

We’ll have a couple other neat little tidbits to share with members too.  More when we meet.

If you’re out there and curious, guests are welcome to come sit in as a one-time drop in to see if it’s their cup of whisky before committing to membership.  I’d advise getting in touch ASAP however, as we’re quickly filling up for this one.  Drop a line to

See you in a couple of days.


– Curt


1 thought on “The Dram Initiative #003 – Duncan Taylor & A.D. Rattray

  1. David

    sounds like a very interesting night planned. I would love to taste vicariously (which is mostly how I taste nowadays – it’s fine if you have a good imagination and you get no hangover), so please don’t wait too long to share your notes on the event…


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