Ray Manzarek

Just heard Ray Manzarek from The Doors passed away today.  This is sad, sad news.  I grew up on The Doors.  Though I don’t crank ’em up as often as I used to, they were likely the most influential group in my life.  Many, many a memory.

RIP Ray.  Thanks for all.



Let’s put on a little ‘Soul Kitchen’, ‘Love Street’, ‘Riders On the Storm’, or just…whatever.  Listen to the man play.


– Curt

1 thought on “Ray Manzarek

  1. Robert

    Sorry to hear of his passing. I remember being blown away by The Doors first album. Then their second. Then their third. And so on. I think I had every one. They helped define the sixties and early seventies with a moody, dark and soulful form of music that fit the times. Although I came out of high school at the end of our involvement in Viet Nam, all the older
    Brothers in our neighborhood went and were scarred by what they saw and did. Their music reflected the mood and angst. RIP Ray.


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