All Things Whisky Downtime

Greetings, friends.

Apologies for yesterday’s (and maybe, depending on where you live, this morning’s) downtime.  Some sort of server issues.  I think we’re back up and running just fine now.

Coming days will have many, many more reviews.

Just a little teaser of some of those to come: 

  • The new Macallan 1824 Series
  • Some older Glenglassaugh
  • A few from the Dalmore range (including the 40 y.o.)
  • A few from Glengoyne
  • Some lovely, lovely whiskies from Asia
  • A couple more Port Ellen and Brora releases
  • …and don’t worry…there’s plenty more than just those ones in the wings.

Until next dram…



4 thoughts on “All Things Whisky Downtime

  1. Robert

    Glad to see you will review some Dalmore. I really have enjoyed the 15 YO. Had a dram tonight (okay, actually two) of GF105, which is such a good whisky. Followed with the Dalmore 15 and found the 105 greatly enhanced the dark fruit in the 15. Great stuff!

    1. Jeff

      I’ll be interested to see a review of Dalmore as well. I’ll probably never try (or at least buy) the 15 – the 12 simply didn’t sell me. The sherry fell off way too fast after opening, and I got a (hopefully) unique note of plastic on the finish. Would you put the 15 at higher than 90, Robert? Cheers!

      1. Robert

        I like it enough to have another bottle stashed. I’d give it an 88, which is quite good. Drawback is that it is pricey, but all the sherried whiskies have shot up even more. As spring is here I have instead been buying lighter and cheaper scotches such as Clynelish, Ardmore, and Dalwhinnie which are about half the price of the sherried ones. I’m also stocking up on lighter peats like Caol Ila and Peat Monster, along with several bourbons. Macallan, Longmorn, Aberlour, etc. can keep their whiskies at their inflated prices.

  2. ATW Post author

    Y’all wanted some thoughts on Dalmore, aye? There y’be, friends. Couple more still to come, but the first half dozen should be a decent start.


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