Tamdhu 42 y.o. (A.D. Rattray) Review

Tamdhu 42 y.o. (A.D. Rattray) Review003

43.8% abv

Score:  92.5/100


Good friends and good whisky.  These two things, in tandem, have formed an integral part of my social sphere for the past few years.  The two go hand-in hand for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the inspired conversation that evolves from the neck of a fine old malt.  In vino veritas, I’ve said on more than one occasion to more than one of my mates.

At a recent closed club gathering, a select handful of the Collective damaged the hell out of an exceptional single cask A.D. Rattray bottling of Tamdhu.  A 42 year old dram.  Sometimes, in the spirit of humility, it’s imperative to take a moment and reflect on the fact that you’re drinking a piece of history.  Great men and women of ages past are only now getting the recognition so well deserved.

I’ll spare you the mundane distillery details here, and simply let the whisky speak…

This is dessert at Gramma’s place…late night fireplace contemplation…rest breaks on deep forest hikes…reading old copies of classic books…last drams of the night with the few favored friends.  It’s odd, but this whisky is nostalgia bottled.  It takes me places.  And honestly…I’m a little sad to come back.

The thing about a whisky like this…the inclination is to zealously guard your prize and ruminate on many a night ahead of glorious sipping, but the true and proper way to enjoy a bottle of this caliber…open it and drink it with friends.  Make some memories.  They’ll last a lot longer than the whisky will.  On that note…thanks, Lance.  Slainte Mhath.

Nose:  Oh wow.  Old wood…and young paint.  Lovely cask notes.  Very creamy and ‘icing sugar-ish’.  Beautiful fruits.  Pineapple, cherry, orange, mango.  Love that tropical profile.  A little bit of mint.  Whipped shortbread and flaky pie crust.  Exceptional nose.

Palate:  There’s the woods.  Oh…here come those latex notes.  It tastes a little floral, before it suddenly tranforms, chrysalis-like, blooming into all sorts of sweet soft fruits.  Oranges and tropical notes.  Very tight oak.  Not too much cask influence, which is rather surprising at this age.  Mature and sweet.  Very enticing.

* One final, and very important note…this is an extremely affordable malt, but made in very limited quantity.  Less than 100 bottles in existence, and bottled exclusively for Co-op Wines And Spirits.  For anyone so enticed at this point…be quick.  It won’t last long.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

1 thought on “Tamdhu 42 y.o. (A.D. Rattray) Review

  1. Ruminsky

    Amazing I managed to pick up something the Collective really enjoyed. Even more amazing was how much I liked it myself. What a lovely dram


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