Springbank 1969 (Signatory) Review

Springbank 1969 (Signatory)

54.4% abv

Score:  93/100


There is it.  That sexy milf-like maturity and complexity I anticipated.  Older than I am, and infinitely seductive.  We’ve all seen ‘The Graduate’, right?  Ahem…or for the younger generations… ‘American Pie’.  Well…here she is…dressed up in age and sexy as hell.

First things first…I love Springbank.  More than that, I love what Springbank is.  This is an independent distillery that does it all and does it right.  They offer variety, craft presentation and great whisky.  You simply cannot ask for more.  If you are yet to experience the palate lashing (in a good way!) that Springbank offers, please do yourself a favor and hit up your local spirit seller.  I can not conceive of anyone regretting this decision.

So what happens when you take a great Cambeltown malt, let it mellow in a refill sherry butt for 40 years or so, then serve it up at a healthy 54.4% abv?  For starters you can stick a hefty price tag on it.  To be expected.  C’mon, friends…this is 40 years we’re talking about here.  This spirit met oak the same year that Nixon was inaugurated…that the Manson family made the love-in pause for a few moments of silence…that Zeppelin released their freakin’ brilliant first album…that John and Yoko asked us to give peace a chance from the sanctity of their bed…that Woodstock changed untold lives…that the TV generation met The Brady Bunch and Sesame Street…and Monty Python first told us to “always look on the broight soide of loife” (well…the Flying Circus premiered anyhow).  Oh yeah…it is also limited to a mere 356 bottles.  Let’s forget price now, because it is irrelevant and because this dram deserves a little financial indulgence.

The nose carries dusty mature grains and sweet caramel.  Sandalwood, smoke and rubbery anise make up the duskier sultry side, while orange, sherry, vanilla and over-toasted almond bring some sweetness.  I love the nose on this whisky.

The palate is smoky and slightly floral.  There is sherry, of course, but something almost coconut-like darts in and out as well.  The afore-mentioned licorice/rubber note is here too.  Though that may not sounds like an appealing descriptor…trust me, it is unique and delicious.  The finish…sucking on orange peel and pith while inhaling woodsmoke.

I can’t imagine it’s easy to get your hands on this one any longer, but if you are able…do so.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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