Catching Up…Notes On The Notes

Greetings, friends.

You may have noticed that ATW has been getting updates in fits and starts.  This was bound to cause problems.  Perhaps I should have done what I did on sister site, Liquorature, and simply pulled out all the old content while I did my updates.  Who knows.  Of course Liquorature is a different beast.  It is a site focused on books, spirits and intellect.  All Things Whisky is a site focused on…yep…nectar of the gods.

So…what is the issue?  Well…simple.  I set up ATW wrong when I launched it.  Now I’m fixing it.  While I migrate content from the right hand side of the page (the reviews many of you frequent..and thankee!) to the left (cleaner and more logical), I have left the old reviews visible.  No big deal in and of itself.


Many of those reviews (and especially tasting notes) are waaaaaaay out of date.  Any good taster should have no issue admitting he needs to recalibrate from time to time.  Some of those reviews were from very early on in my tasting ‘career/endeavor’….in some cases even migrated over from the old site.  Inherently a problem all new tasters/bloggers encounter is over-generosity in scoring.  I am in the process of righting the ship now.  The reviews on the left hand side of the screen have marks and notes that I will stand behind.  Those on the right…err…let’s just say those will only be there as long as it takes me to peel them out and update.

At this point I have sipped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of malts (working towards the first 1000).  The lowest of the low to the highest of high.  Hopefully the reviews herein will speak to that.  Where you take exception…please do drop a line.

…and yes…there are hundreds more reviews coming.

In the meantime…patience, friends…all will be tidy round here soon.



1 thought on “Catching Up…Notes On The Notes

  1. Robert

    I appreciate your work and look forward to more. I’m generally less generous on grades than you, but agree with most of what you say, and find we agree, after a slight adjustment, on grades. You are giving us some range of tastings we would perhaps not otherwise attempt. And you keep in a reasonable price range (generally). I enjoy Serge but do not have anywhere near the cash nor access he has to old and/or independent bottlings. Maybe one day! Keep up the good work!


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