Happy New Year From ALL THINGS WHISKY!

Happy New Year, all!



The end of 2011…

Just a quick note.  Sincere thanks to pass around.

First to the readers whose visits to the site continue to climb.  I appreciate your comments, thoughts and emails.  If I am slow to respond occasionally…please do be patient.  I’ll get there.

Cheers to all of my mates who join me in frequent drams and discussions.  These are the things memories are made of.  Thanks for pouring me drinks and drinking what I pour.  You guys (and occasional gals) make it interesting.

Huge thanks to the Maltmonster who never ceases to amaze with his brilliant pieces and tastings for ATW.  On top of the wicked wit and far reaching imagination, you’re one of the good ones.  Our chats (in person, phone or email) add a lot of lightness to my life.  Slainte!

To Andrew, Dave and all others who work hard coercing my dollars from my pockets…you’re doing a helluva job.  You guys are the reason Alberta is the best place in Canada to have the vices we do.  Thanks for all of your help and generous time.  It is not unappreciated.

To all in the industry (be they reps, bloggers, writers, distillery folk, etc)…keep it up.  The fact that we do what we do speaks volumes about what you do.  If you’re doing it right…well…we’ll be trumpeting it here.  If you’re not…smarten up!  😉

Finally…thanks to my ever-patient wife.  Beautiful, smart and infinitely patient in a non-condescending way.  Love you.

Cheers, all!


Looking into 2012…

You can expect a little more vitriol and a little less…er…moderation.  C’mon…who doesn’t like to mix it up every now and again?

Look forward to some more details on the SMWS in Canada.

Islay 2012.  A few members of the collective (myself included) are heading back to peat mecca in September.  Many commented on (and wrote to me about) the last trip/blog.  This time there will be many more (and much better) photos, full-on distillery features, more tasting notes, and an even more fully-realized blog.  Islay is a place of pilgrimage for many malt lovers.  Hope all of the jottings for this trip help out a few of you planning your own excursion to Islay.

A return of the interviews ATW frequently featured.  As I said…you can expect a little more fire here on the site.  First target…Jim Murray.  Repeated attempts to corner the author of the Whisky Bible for an interview have failed.  Initial responses from his team led me to believe this would happen.  All subsequent email direct to Mr. Murray has gone unanswered throughout the year.  Come on, Jim…I don’t always agree with your ratings, but you’re a helluva writer and a lot of people out there would like to hear from you.  What say?

Many more reviews (up to 100 now!)…tastings (vertical, horizontal, whatever)…updates, etc.

A few more opinion pieces.  What is the point of blogging if not to share opinion, right?

A few more tutorials (and not all will be mine) for those out there who may be new to the intricacies of whisky.  A lot of questions sent this way are from advice-seekers.  When you see these posted on the site, gang, jump in and share your thoughts.

Much, much more.


Enough rambling.  I wish you all the best for 2012 and many more years to come.  To your health, wealth and happiness.


Glasses high!


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