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Ardbeg AlligatorIt seems a new Ardbeg expression is ready to be launched: Ardbeg Alligator (according to Angus who used to work there if I’m not mistaken).

Alligator is the name of the deepest way of charring / toasting casks. It refers to the resulting scale-like pattern of burnt wood, similar to a croc’s skin. Almost all bourbon makers use this type of charring, but for Scotch distilleries it’s less common.

Ardbeg did some experiments with heavily charred new oak casks and released two of them for Feis Ile 2009: Ardbeg 1998 cask 1189 and Ardbeg 1998 cask 1190.

I liked those casks A LOT (although most other people didn’t seem to care much) so I’m really looking forward to the release. Especially since they focus less on peat smoke and more on bourbon flavours (vanilla, cocoa, mint, tobacco).

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