Burn Stewart Revamp Their Malts

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Posted in Whisky News on September 15th, 2010 by Mark – 1 Comment

New Bunnahabhain 12yo New Bunnahabhain 12yo 

Burn Stewart, owners of Bunnahabhain, Deanston, Tobermory and Ledaig (as well as Black Bottle) have revamped three of their malts (Deanston was already revamped a year or two ago) to bring them up to 46.3%, unchillfiltered and with new packaging. 

New Ledaig 10yo New Ledaig 10yo 

New Tobermory 10yo New Tobermory 10yo 

Tobermory and Ledaig, being from the same distillery, have been given matching boxes and label designs tying them nicely together. Of the three new ones I have only tried the new Bunnahabhain at a recent festival and it was pretty tasty. I’ll need to try that against the old one which I still have from a recent review post, which is a classic malt in my opinion. 

Good to see another company raise their ABV and cut out the chill-filtering. I believe the colouring has also been left behind. Perhaps one day all malts will be like this. 

3 thoughts on “Burn Stewart Revamp Their Malts

  1. aw

    The colouring has been left behind… certainly on the Bunna: it says “Natural Colour” on the box. And I can tell you that the Bunna is TERRIFIC – a great improvement on the 40%, caramel-deadened thing of recent times. Congrats to Burn Stewart for catching up with the 21st Century. Here’s hoping the Bunna 18yo will go the same way, and soon.

  2. ATW Post author

    This Bunna is really quite good. Heads up out there. Many of us are banging the gong for whiskies bottled at a higher abv, non-colored and nonchill-filtered. Here is proof that our voices can be heard.

    Keep it up.


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