ATW hits 50!

Greetings, readers and malt junkies!

ATW has just hit 50 whisky reviews! 

Though there are many more reviews in various states of completion in the wings (and will continue to be as long as new whiskies are to be sourced), this is something of a milestone, I think.  There is a certain investment of time, effort and concentration (oh yeah…and cost.  Yeesh!) involved in putting these things together and making them worth reading.  Here’s hoping they are providing a little bit of info in helping you make informed purchasing decisions.

Feel free to drop a line or comment to let us know if a review has helped, or if you completely disagree.  Hey…how else am I to be kept honest?

So…in celebration…I raise a glass to you, readers…and hope you raise one in return.  Thanks for your visits.  The hits on the site suggest some of you may want to see more.  Until that changes…we’ll keep doing what we do (best…oh, that’s kinda sad).


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