Distillery Tour – Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL)

ADL Cask

On Friday, September 10th, the gang from All Things Whisky (as well as a few mates from Liquorature and random tag-alongs) will be off to visit the fine folks at Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL) for a tour of the distillery and facility.  ADL, and a fantastic lady by the name of Kathy in particular, has been spectacularly accommodating in arranging our visit and tour.  Needless to say, the gang is ecstatic about this opportunity.

ADL is responsible for producing the brilliant Alberta Premium Canadian Rye Whisky right here in our own backyard, Calgary.  This is the self-same rye that whisky guru Jim Murray awarded a 94.5 rating, and yours truly at ATW awarded a 93.  This review is featured here on ATW for those who may be interested.

With ADL’s blessing we will be following up our tour with a featured article on ATW. 

Stay tuned…

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