Dram Of The Day…What Are You Drinking?

Well…if you’re sitting around the office wiling away your lunch break…I hope the answer is ‘nothing’.  If you’re at home after a long day or week at work, relaxing after a big meal, feet up…well…I sincerely hope you have something brilliant to drink. 

What is the dram of the day today?

56 thoughts on “Dram Of The Day…What Are You Drinking?

  1. admin Post author

    A casual get-together with the gang ended up being quite an informal little tasting session. Eight or nine of us hovered around the island in the kitchen (with a comfy living room steps away, why does that always seem to happen?) of my place, doing our damnedest to ensure there was wasn’t a clear bit of counter space. I imagine all told there must have been 25 bottles drank from. Not by all, of course.

    Couple notable drams from the eve…

    Ardmore Traditional Cask, Glenfarclas 21, Amrut Fusion, Ardbeg Corryvreckan.

    I think this evening I will revisit the Ardmore. Still on the fence on this one.

  2. admin Post author

    Tonight another run at the Ardmore Trad Cask. Just a wee one.

    Then likely an Ardbeg of some sort if the weather continues its miserable downturn.

  3. admin Post author

    Last night ended up being the Ardmore as I said, then a wee nip at my Aberlour a’bunadh (batch 27).

    For this eve I have hooked up a dram of Clynelish 14 with neighbour and bandmate, Jay.

  4. ATW Post author

    Curled up with Season 5 of Lost…my youngest daughter who won’t sleep…and a glass of Talisker 10. Life is beautiful.

  5. ATW Post author

    Man…it does not get any better.

    Quite night at home (so far)…preparing a beautiful roast with veg, potato, parsnips, garlic and salad…listening to some Miles Davis…

    …and sipping a glass of Uigeadail.

    Later may venture to the inner city to check out some live music.

  6. Maltmonster

    This evening I hope to sit by a fire in the back yard and enjoy H Upmann Monarch cigar along with a newly acquired bottle of the Earl Magnus Highland Park and ponder a certain question that has been weighting heavy on me.

    The question I can’t seem to find an answer for is why Whiskey and Rum are taxed by the government at the same rate. Given that whiskey is a better product with greater taste and healing benefits, why would they not lower the tax rate on whiskey and conversely raise the rate on Rum?

    FYI – Supernova is now in town

    1. ATW Post author

      Aye, good kind sir. That Magnus is bloody spectacular. Not sure if you’ve been fortunate enough to partake as of yet, but if you are uninitiated…I think you’ll find the rewards are ample. I am still bleeding inside that I haven’t grabbed one. So many expenses, what with this trip in five days and all.

      Anyone out there interested in being my Sugar Mama?

      Indeed I will have said Supernova in hand within the hour.

      BTW…that sounds like a bloody good night (foregoing deep thought on a subject such as rum which isn’t worthy of my time) 😉 . Being my anniversary today, I’ll be cozied up with the wife this eve…hopefully also around a log fire.

    2. Ruminsky Van Drunkenburg

      Naah, sorry, can’t buy into your basic premise: that whisky is somehow “better” than rum. Your question therefore rests on a faulty assumption.

      Greater taste? Opinion. Healing benefits? Puuh-leez.

      Say rather, that whisky has been around longer, and so deserves the veneration one gives a doddering, drooling great-grandfather.

      Rum by contrast is the sweet belle of the ball, an alluring temptress with the body of a Raphael or Rubens, who kisses, laughs and dances away on tropical breezes, taking your heart with her.

      On the basis of seniority, then, you may make a case to tax the old fart somewhat less than the rambunctious new arrival since he exists on charity, fond memories and a pension, while the rumstress can stand on her own merits and needs no assist. You may tax the lass for sure, but your best bet is to equate the maturity and experience of the peats with the ebullient joy of the damsel…and therefore tax them both the same. Which >>smack on forehead<< is the way things are right now.

  7. Maltmonster

    I’m not saying Rum is bad , so long as it mixed properly its quite fine .

    Sweet belle of the ball , come on sweet usually means gum disease , diabetes, and premature aging . Not the belle of the ball more like an ad for the TV series Cops .

    Raphael or Rubens ; one is from the renaissance and the other is baroque , well most whisky drinkers are from the realism period and are therefore realists .

    Being a realist I believe in evolution . The thing about evolution is that when change occurs the soon to be departed ( rum drinkers / Neanderthals ) never really know that its over for them and the winners ( whiskey / modern humans ) really just assume top spot without any fan fare .

    I only suggested lower the taxes on whiskey because why should modern better looking with superior taste humans support rum drinkers with ties to organized crime like the pirates that end up costing us more in policing and prisons costs .

    1. Ruminsky van Drunkenburg

      You have not answered or successfully defended your basic premise, but only nitpicked at mine: that whisky is somehow “better”. It’s not. Neither is rum better than whisky. Adherents merely prefer one to the other.

      For you to say rum must be mixed for you to like it suggests you’ve never had a high end sipper. Drop in on a liquorature gathering one day, and I’ll see to your evolution of the cane.

      1. Maltmonster

        Strange the use of the word nitpicking which finds its origins in Neanderthal grooming techniques.

        Its sounds like a challenge provided you didn’t mean corporal punishment by caning when you said the evolution of the cane.

        I’m in provided you can fine that many interesting rums to drink?

  8. pat

    Just polished off the last of my Octomore (2nd edition in the black box) last night while watching Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. Sad night as the Octomore is gone, and the movie was meh.

    1. ATW Post author

      That is a damn shame. Both about the Octomore and the flick. But hey…Allan Doyle of Great Big Sea is in it!

      You’ll have to hook up some of the Orpheus. What were your thoughts on the Octomore?

  9. ATW Post author

    This was my anniversary weekend. Wife and I went out of town for a couple of days. Tool over the in-laws acreage and relaxed in each other’s company.

    Dreary cold and rainy weekend led to a warm-up to this Islay trip.

    Saturday night began with an Ardbeg Ten…led to Corryvreckan…and on into Supernova.

    Holy hell! Review will come for the Supernova sometime early October after I return from Scotland. I need some more time with this one.

  10. Maltmonster

    Sunday night was Supernova night (2010 version @ 60.0%). The nose was peaty and farmy, 2nd go finds hidden lemon and pepper. The taste was very salty and chewy. The finish was long and dry. Not my favorite Ardbeg and is more aimed at the peat lovers out there. Had time to ponder and answer the following unanswerable questions.


    1. What is the meaning of life? All is revealed after 7 glasses of good malt whiskey
    2. Is there a God? – Maybe , but my fish has feet on the ground
    3. Do blondes have more fun? – Yes
    4. What is the best diet? – Single malt whiskey
    5. Is there anybody out there? – Yes, who do you think posted this?
    6. Who is the most famous person in the world? Duncan McGillvray of Bruichladdich
    7. What is love? Whatever doesn’t disagree with you?
    8. What is the secret to happiness? Having a life time suppy of quality single malt
    9. Did Tony Soprano die? Nobody really dies in TV
    10. How long will I live? Depends on if you drink rum or single malt whiskey, longer for the latter


    The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes

    1. aFewDramsShort

      MM, have to agree that the Supernova is not for everybody. Our good neighbor Jay spotted me a glass and while I did enjoy it, it is the sort of dram that I could only get into under specific circumstances. It’s just too intense for my personal tastes. I could see myself having a dram after shoveling off the drive in -40C weather, but otherwise, prefer the Corryvreckan expression.

  11. ATW Post author

    Tonight will likely be Kilchoman Spring Release in honor of the trip to Islay tomorrow.

    BTW…Aberlour 10 is a sexy whisky.

  12. Maltmonster

    Thursday evening was a chance to revisit an open bottle of Glenmorangie Signet. Turned the TV to the fashion channel to help me stay culturally current (something that rum drinkers will never understand). Popped the cork off my perfume bottle and poured a dram of Louis Vuitton finest.

    After the first waft the chocolate assaults your senses like an Oompa Loompa on steroids. This amount of chocolate would send any real fashion model into immediate bulimic convulsions. The second go finds hidden behind the massive chocolate some oranges, liquorice and almonds the taste is somewhat sweet but with sherry dryness .The finish was long and delightful.

    This expression is unlike any other Glenmorangie or for that matter any other single malt I have ever tried. I do like it, but it’s not an every day drinker for me.

    To help the rum drinkers in the crowd the proper way to pronounce Louis Vuitton is as follows; Louis is loo-ee like Donald ducks nephew Huey, Dewey and Lewie and Vuitton is vuton like the futon.

  13. Ruminsky van Drunkenburg

    Poor Maltmonster: so erudite, and so confused. Rum drinkers down’t waste time on fashion channels, since they are culturally more current than respected and revered geriatric peat lovers who still remember what Oompa Loompas are: proof of this can be found in the fact that they do not confuse perfume with an actual drink. However, concessions must be made to one’s elders, so of course I genuflect to your superior wisdom.

    When I was in Paris some years ago sipping cafe on the Champs d’Elysee, I seem to recall hearing Louis Vuitton pronouced Loose Vittles, but it turned out I was listening to an elderly Albertan from north of Calgary at the time and got confused. These things happen. I like to imagine that in the years since then he upped his refinement.

    The fact that this is a whisky channel forces me to restrain myself writing about the excellent English Harbour ten year old I sampled last night, which could conceivably be found in your tasting glass one day if you ever drop in on the Club.

    As a point of interest, MM, you really should talk to ATW host about writing thre occasional revirews of your own and contribute to the site formally. I understand your weakness for inferior drinks deriving from bog leftovers, but your writing is first rate and that may even be more important than your actual opinions.

    Lastly: told you your sarcasm would return 🙂

    1. Maltmonster

      Dear Mr. Shrunkenbag

      I also enjoy your writings . But the sad fact is that most rum drinkers are in desperate need of refinement, why else would they drink the stuff .I didn’t mean to totally impugn your character . I only hope to educate the misinformed and misguided . When you said Paris did you mean Saskatoon , because it’s been called the Paris of the Prairies ?

  14. MaltExplorer

    I just got into whisky few months back. My collection now stands at about 15 single malts, so I guess it isn’t that bad for a start. Yesterday I did a little Islay session – Bruichladdich 12 2nd Ed. (I’ve heard the 1st one is better, correct?), Bowmore 12 and Ardbeg 10. My favorite Islay so far is LAGA 16.

      1. MaltExplorer

        I have friends that were a bit into single malts already, but never actually really tried it before. Except the well known, cheaper blends which I didn’t really like.
        I think it was 5 moths back, I was at a DutyFree shop killing time before my flight and found a good deal on a Glenfiddich 12 and Glenlivet 12 (buy 2 save X%). Before I opened those I also bought Talisker 10. So when I tasted all three of them I started discovering how whisky could be different and enjoyable.
        My favorites so far are Aberfeldy 12, anCnoc 12, Highland Park 12, Ardbeg 10, Laphroaig 10, Lagavulin 16. I’m really looking forward to tasting Laphroaig CS, Lagavulin 12 CS, Ardbeg Uigeadail, Highland Park 18.
        Any suggestions for available and fair priced malts?

        1. aFewDramsShort

          It looks like you’re already getting an in-depth exposure to peat. As Maltmonster has suggested you might enjoy something that has been aged in sherry casks. The Macallan 12 is a good suggestion. I’ve never tried the cask strength but trust Maltmonster’s judgement here. I’m partial to Aberlour single malts – the Aberlour 10 is a terrific value for the price (one of the least expensive single malts in our area) and the cask strength A’bunadh is also a quality dram and is reasonably priced. Be aware that A’bunadh is produced in limited batches – some better than others – so some online homework is prudent if you find a bottle at your local store.

          Have a look at Curt’s reviews on the above and see if any of this is appealing to you.

  15. Maltmonster

    Tonight I say good bye to an old friend .Tullibardine 1973 Hogshead cask #361 bottle #117 of 239 @ 46.3% ABV. It’s with great regret that I drained the last remaining water of life from your glass vessel .

    In times of need you always picked me up . Like the time I had to sit through three hours of Mamma Mia, there you were at home waiting for me. Or when the mountain bike mounted on top of SUV didn’t fit into the garage, there you were again not passing judgment like all the others.

    On the nose you were rich cream Brule, apples, peaches and bananas. You tasted vanilla sweet fresh and vibrant much younger than you’re many years in cask .Your finish smooth and mellow.

    You are the reason I drink whisky and not that made on demand molasses.

    Adieu and goodbye


    If I had to live my life over, I’d live over a Pub.

  16. Maltmonster


    Finally discovered the advantages of single malt whisky and not sure what to do with your remaining stocks of rum. This is part one of a three part series on how to handle this problem .The first episode deals with how to make rum tolerable by blending it with Islay whisky.

    First we have to establish tasting notes on a subject rum and then the whiskies were going to introduce in order to document the scientific changes. So for the rum I have chosen Cadenhead’s Classic Green Label @ 50% ABV. And with permission from Lance, a rum expert and an first rate writer from the Liquorature a sister web site of ATW, we will compare tasting notes. (Just happen to own a bottle of this)

    Cadenhead’s Classic Green Label

    Lance – Nose: candied, cinnamon, charcoal and marshmallow
    – Taste: chocolate, caramel and burnt pineapple. Tingling on the back of the tongue
    – Finish: Strong finish and some bite on the way down
    – Assessment: Split down the middle

    Maltmonster – Nose: Burnt sugar, toffee, cheese, marzipan and coconut
    – Taste: After turning off the gag reflex I find bitter chocolate that develops into something very salty
    – Finish: Short
    – Assessment: Similar to when the Swedes won the 1994 Olympic gold medal in hockey from us in an overtime shootout and then make a postage stamp with the winning goal on it. Very disappointing

    The first whisky chosen to upgrade the rum with is Dewar Rattray’s 22 year old Caol Ila bottled for WP in 2007, 57.7% ABV from a bourbon cask .

    – Nose: Mild aged smoke, vanilla, almonds and citrus notes at the very back
    – Taste: Again beautiful light smoke almost cream like
    – Finish: Sits on your tongue and gently diminishes
    – Assessment: Stunning

    Adding two parts whisky to one parts rum finds;

    – Nose: Burnt sugar rules this drink, toffee, musty and smoke has vanished.
    – Taste: Odd but the smoke is now back and dominating. Some fruity qualities
    – Finish: Explodes at first then quickly disappears
    – Assessment: It’s like putting skunks in a petting zoo. Bad Ideal

    The second whisky chosen to enhance the rum is Lagavulin 21 year old, just kidding it’s only the 16 year old at 43% ABV.

    – Nose: Big bad peat, behind the peat reek finds apples, pears and bitter chocolate
    – Taste: Here the pay off, smoke in balance with fruit or sweet and sour coexisting perfectly
    – Finish: Lovely and lingering
    – Assessment: Classic Islay

    Again adding one part rum to two parts whisky finds;

    – Nose: Tamed mild smoke like an aged peated whisky .Carmel, apples and milk chocolate
    – Taste: The heavy balanced smoke is back, bananas with a little salt
    – Finish: Strong at first then diminishes slowly
    – Assessment: Success. This works and adds a new dimension to an already great whisky. Come on Diageo , learn from Bruichladdich and experiment a little.

    Stay tuned for part 2 where we try Speyside whiskies to improve rums and part 3 where we explore the different uses found around the home to use up your rum stocks.


    She was only a whisky maker, but he loved her still.

    1. ATW Post author

      Hmmmm. Wouldn’t mind a wee sample of this. Any chance you have a drop or two remaining from this experiment? If not, perhaps Lance has the Green and of course I have the Lag.

      BTW…Ralfy tried this experiment as well. Check his site for vlogs on whether or not he (and his cohorts) found it successful.

      1. Maltmonster

        I was planning on cleaning some car parts this weekend , but will refrain from doing so until you taste Rumavulin .

  17. ATW Post author

    So…a few from a week on Islay…

    Octomore 1 (straight from the cask)
    Clan Denny Girvan 45 y.o. Single Grain (!!!)
    Bladnoch 20 y.o.
    Douglas Laing Caperdonich 1982
    Ardbeg Renaissance
    Bunnahabhain 12 y.o. (2010 revamp)
    Ardbeg Still Young
    Caol Ila Cask Strength
    Caol Ila Distillery Bottling
    Lagavulin Distillery Bottling
    Kilchoman Summer 2010
    Provenance Benrinnes 1997
    Bruichladdich Organic
    Tullibardine 15 y.o. Sherry
    Tullibardine 18 y.o. Port
    Ardbeg Blasda
    Bunnahabhain Toiteach
    Bowmore Surf
    Black Bottle

    …many more samples not released and straight from the cask.

      1. ATW Post author

        Sadly, not a lot. Only brought back three.

        Ardbeg Rollercoaster
        Lagavulin Distillery Bottling
        Caol Ila Cask Strength

  18. Maltmonster

    Last night was another chance to enjoy a dram of the 9th release 30 year old Port Ellen distilled in 1979 and bottled at 57.7 % ABV limited to 5916 bottles

    – Nose: mild peat smoke, Iodine, stewed tomatoes, ripe fruit
    – Taste: sweet fruit, with a little salt
    – Finish: Long and dry
    – Assessment: Never disappoints, in the top four of the nine special releases

    I love most Islay (and non Islay) single malts but Port Ellen seems to be my favorite. Is Port Ellen that much better than Arbeg, Caol Ila, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Bowmore or Bunnahabhain, probably not, but drinking whisky is a very personal subjective process filled with variables of mood, location and friends.

    To me I generally find the peat levels a little lighter in Port Ellen along with a definable fruit taste that’s not too sweet and maritime notes that make you feel the sea is never far away. Maybe the fact that the distillery was closed forever in 1983 ads a shadowy perverse sense of enjoyment. Or my contrary attitude towards Diageo to like Port Ellen over Caol Ila ( Diageo or UDV at the time decide during the last whisky bust in the 1980’s that Caol Ila was better than Port Ellen and was surplus to demand and converted it to a malting facility ).

    Whenever I drink Port Ellen I always pause to remember this poem by Lord Byron

    So we’ll go no more a-roving
    So late into the night,
    Though the heart still be as loving,
    And the moon still be as bright.

    For the sword outwears its sheath,
    And the soul outwears the breast,
    And the heart must pause to breathe,
    And love itself have rest.

    Though the night was made for loving,
    And the day returns too soon,
    Yet we’ll go no more a-roving
    By the light of the moon.


    If Ignorance is Bliss, why aren’t more Rum drinkers happy?

    1. ATW Post author

      Good gawd damn, am I jealous.

      Tonight…hmmm…perhaps a Highland Park 15…

      MM…I am home this w/e with the kids while the wife ventures out West for a run. Sat and Sun night free (oh yeah…afternoons as well). You should pop on by for a beverage soon.

      1. Maltmonster

        Alas we to are on the road this long weekend.

        Consulted with the Magic Eight Ball and when asked it said the chances are good for next week.

  19. Maltmonster


    Monday October 18, 2010 is civic Election Day in Calgary. There are currently three mayoral candidates in a three way tie with a large amount of undecided voters sitting on the fence. As always the Maltmonster will come to aid of the great undecided.

    First Candidate: Barb Higgins————Background is mostly as a news co-anchor. No political experience. Considered by some to be a breath of fresh air with a can do spirit. Her platform is Financial Responsibility , Public Safety , Improve City Hall, Transportation & Infrastructure , Planning & Development ,Health and Lifestyle , Arts, Culture and Sports

    Whisky Pairing: Benromach Organic bottled at 43% abv ———–The name organic just sounds good. Lots of sweet vanilla with all that new oak. Very enjoyable. Lacks complexity, but can only get better with more maturation.

    Second Candidate: Naheed Nenshi ——————Background is a University Professor, Business consultant and has done a lot of work with non-profit organizations. The most educated of the candidates. His platform is safety , poverty reduction , transportation , City council transparence , compete communities , campaign reform , transit , airport access , promote business , audit changes to city hall and a new common sense policy to secondary suites .

    Whisky Pairing: Springbank 18 at 46 % abv bottled 2009 —————– A great name with all the credentials. You know its going to cost you more because of the name. Very complex, almost too much. Not quite the 21 year old but getting there. Nice all-around dram.

    Third Candidate: Ric McIver (AKA- Dr. No) ————- Background was in the food business. City Alderman for ward 12 since 2001. Platform is Transparency & control in city hall; hold the line on tax increases, independent auditor general, and customer service at city hall, revise city parking , additional snow removal and build the airport tunnel.

    Whisky Pairing: 1979 Glenrothes cask # 13459 at 56.6 % abv ——————- A grisly old veteran of the wood. Probably should have been vatted with some younger whiskies. Very spicy and intense with all that sherry and sulphury notes. Rough around the edges.


    Examples of a Oxymoron;
    Clearly confused, seriously funny, found missing, good rum

    1. ATW Post author

      Oh, sir…you’ve only recently met the incomparable MM (I’ll withhold his true handle here, lest his legions of adoring lassies finally have the means of tracking him down) at whisky club. Wait till you’ve had the good fortune to share more words with him. A mind like no other. I would refrain from sipping anything cask strength while reading/listening to MM. I’ve laughed out loud on more than one occasion and can only imagine the burn of a ~60% dram of firewater exiting through the nose.

  20. Maltmonster


    If you new when the world was going to end, what whisky would you choose to enjoy your remaining days or hours with?

    Well credible contrary evidence aside Hollywood experts somewhat agree the day chosen by some lazy Mayan calendar writer is December 21, 2012. The cause of our collective demise may be one or all of the following three catastrophes; giant solar flare, polar shift and or a large meteor impact.

    The dram chosen by me would be the 4th and final release of Black Bowmore (by the way the visa statement wouldn’t arrive) distilled in 1964 and bottled in 2007 at 40.5% ABV.

    Nose: Tropic fruit like I’ve never tasted before along with ripe oranges and peaches. Milk chocolate, liquorice and a faint trace of peat smoke
    Taste: Absolutely no sharp Oloroso notes or signs of ageing. Sweet honey comb, tropical fruits. Very complex
    Finish: Long and linging with the memory of all that delicious fruit.
    Assessment: I’ve had the good opportunity to try this whisky twice and both times have been it awe of what I’m drinking. To die for, we’ll see.


    Never use a prodigious word when a diminutive one will suffice

    1. ATW Post author

      Hmmmm…good question.

      I oggled that BB sitting all high n’ mighty top shelf at Duffies in Bowmore a couple weeks back. Nearly 300 pounds a dram. Needless to say…I took a miss. Perhaps one day my social circle will include some generous soul who will let me sniff the cork of this icon and enigma. I have yet to meet a Bowmore that blew my hair back. (Though I have heard good things of both the new 10yr Tempest and the 17 yr)

      I think I’d have to opt for the Ardbeg 1965. Simply because I am an Ardbeg fanboy, and this would be the apex. Gotta have a little smoke in your glass while the world goes up in Flames, am I wrong?

      Alternately…perhaps a nice old Port Ellen, as I have yet to sample from this fabled, and sadly long gone, distillery.

  21. ATW Post author

    Last night I dipped and weaved through the waves of peat and sherry in a dram of Uigeadail. Sexy…sexy beat, this. Still think this is possibly my favorite whisky.

    A little later in the eve, when the flavors of Islay had faded, I shared a couple drams of Amrut Fusion with the gents that were still around as the witching hour approached.

    Amazing…but sadly some of the complexity lost on my crippled palate at the moment (just nearing the tail end of a cold…hopefully…though I feel all sinus-y today…sigh).

  22. Stephen Kennedy

    Last night was my first time trying the Aberlour 10yo. Wonderful! “Sherry smooth”.

    Hope to be able to afford to try the A’bunadh one day. 😀

    1. ATW Post author

      This is a wonderful whisky. Can nab it for ~$32 here.

      Spend the extra for the a’bunadh. You will not regret it.

  23. ATW Post author

    Tonight…the sweet smoky brine of Ardbeg Ten. After a long day this is sitting just right. Stunning whisky. My awe of all things Ardbeg continues unmarred.

  24. Maltmonster


    Well for Glenfarclas it’s a family owned distillery with six generations of Grants and counting. Starting with John Grant who purchased the distillery in 1865 for the whopping sum of $800 CND or $799.92 US who then passed it on to his son George who passed it on to his son George who passed it on to his son George who passed it on to his son John who will most likely (I would place a wager on this) pass it on to his son George unless the 6th Grant of Glenfarclas does a Prince Chuck and then it might skip a generation. Having met the current Prince of Farclas, I know the distillery will be in good hands and will benefit from his commitment to the craft of helping me enjoy single malt.

    To aid the rum drinkers out there I feel the need to explain the three SSS of Glenfarclas single malt. It’s all about the sherry from scary spicy sherry to sweet seductive sherry which serves to stimulate your senses.

    Just a side note, whose idea was it for the word “lisp” to have an “s” in it?

    Well on October 28, 2010 I got the call to come to Calgary Petroleum Club to lend my credibility and help bring professionalism to a tasting that would otherwise be lacking. The tasting was moderated by the current Prince of Farclas George S. Grant with a line up of six outstanding Glenfarclas single malts .Tasting notes as follows:

    1 – 25 year old 43% ABV
    Nose: Little peat and mint with oranges and almonds
    Taste: sweet ripe fruits, medium sherry spice
    Finish: nice, medium to long
    Assessment: What start? Give me more, I was born for this!

    2 – 30 Year old 43% ABV
    Nose: Apples, raisins and dark chocolate
    Taste: Complex, spicy
    Finish: Long and intense
    Assessment: I wonder if any will notice if I take the bottle

    3 – 105 Cask Strength 60% ABV
    Nose: Forgot this was 60% must give my nose a break and retry the 30. Ok let’s go …this is scary sherry, wow .Toffee and woody with apples
    Taste: warming for sure but not as strong as the nose
    Finish: long and little bitter at the end
    Assessment: Not my favorite and may need a little water to get the favors to come through.

    4 – 40 Year old 46% ABV bottled March 2010
    Nose: Mellow after the star burst 105. Oranges, toffee, chocolate
    Taste: Raspberry jam, very rich
    Finish: long and lingering
    Assessment: wonder if they will notice a second bottle missing

    5 – 40 Year old Limited Edition – Treasure Island (Please no rummy comments on the name)
    Nose: UBER WOW. Overripe exotic fruits. Sherry in perfect balance with vanilla. This is soooo good.
    Taste: This is incredible just like the nose. This is my favorite whisky for 2010
    Finish: long and made even longer with such a great memory
    Assessment: forget the 30& 40 I’m taking the Treasure Island. If I pull the fire alarm for a distraction I won’t get to taste the last whisky

    6 – 1960 Family Cask 3rd release, cask # 1768 44.6% ABV
    Nose: Raisins, milk chocolate and hint of cinnamon
    Taste: Nice smooth sherry, coffee beans
    Finish: long and a little dry
    Assessment: Great way to finish an incredible tasting now who has the Treasure Island heel!

  25. Maltmonster

    Surviving the cold drive home after having had dinner and a few pints of Guinness at Fergus and Bix at the west end of the city with a like minded whisky lover , I decided I still needed I night cap . So I reached for an open bottle of one my favorite drams, a 1958 Glen Grant from Gordon MacPhail (40 % ABV) to accompany me with my new Clive Cussler book

    Something special about some of these older independent bottling of Glen Grant that take a pretty plain whisky and turn it into a fruit cocktail. Must be in there barrel section?

    Nose: Sensuous layered fruit, cherries, oranges and little ripe melon. Milk chocolate, toffee

    Taste: Sweet candied sherry. Fruit again very smooth

    Finish: Medium to long but a little dry at the end

    Assessment: Great example of a sherried whisky that got better with age. Easy to drink and enjoy.

    I would like to take this opportunity before the end of the year to make amends to the Rum lovers out there by saying something nice about about your addiction as misguided as it is.

    Rum is full of a plethora and enormity of favors; as well rum is just a terrific drink.

    Sincerely, Maltmonster

    Often misused words

    Incorrect meaning – Excess, glut or surplus
    Correct meaning – Lack, scarcity or shortage

    Incorrect meaning – Great size or immensity
    Correct meaning – Excessive wickedness or outrageousness

    Incorrect meaning – Enjoyable or astounding
    Correct meaning – Appalling or unpleasant

    1. ATW Post author

      One day, kind sir…I truly anticipate a peek into your stores. These gems you mention astound.

      Sadly…my taste buds are a shadow of their former selves. Sinuses bunged right up. Everything tastes like cardboard and smells like…well…nothing.

      Though the ritual pour and inhalation is still trying to tempt me to the bottles, I am refraining. Would be such a sad waste to partake when nothing registers.

      MM…how are the holidays? When are we hooking up for our next shared bevvie?

  26. ATW Post author

    Should note…recently opened a bottle of Caol Ila Natural Cask Strength I had muled back from Islay. Damn, is this sexy. Enormous and rewarding. Wish it was in regular rotation out in these parts. Mmmmmmmm.

  27. Maltmonster

    Happy New Year ! Hoidays are great so far . Will talk with you next week to set up something . Have a Supernova to help with clearing out that cold !


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