Apologies, all.  Something crashed here.  Not sure if it was WordPress, Suffusion (the theme you’re used to seeing here) or a server issue.  Pretty sure it was the second.  If you’ve visited in the last day or so you’ll know the site looked as archaic as Pong or Asteroids for a bit.  No idea what happened, but I think we’re on the up and up now.

Thanks for standing by.

Now…back to our regularly scheduled programming.


– C

13 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. ATW Post author

    Hey, friends. Removed the comment and references. No offense was intended by the author (I can almost guarantee, though shouldn’t speak for others) and none should be taken. Even so…I’ve pulled it simply due to subject matter that could spark the wrong dialogue.

    Let’s move on.

    1. David

      Normally I’m not a fan of censorship, especially of what I write, but I think I understand the reasoning behind your decision, and certainly leaving my comment without the other one would be a bit awkward.

      I will accept lack of intent to offend, that doesn’t excuse poor judgement.

      Currently jet-lagged but hopefully after a good sleep I’ll be ready to put it behind me, Chris 1.

      I have to admit I will wonder for some time what Jeff’s comment was…

      1. ATW Post author

        Nothing offensive said by Jeff either. Just removed the initial comment and references to it. Would have been nonsensical otherwise. And I agree…I tend not to censor. I think you all know that by now. 🙂

        We’re all mates, of a sort.

        1. Chris 1

          Before we move on, I would just like to apologize to everyone here for my momentary brain cramp. I knew almost as soon as I clicked the submit button that my misguided attempt at humour and my insensitive references could be offensive to some of you. There is nothing funny about the holocaust or Nazi atrocities and it was a lapse of judgement on my part to use such an analogy. I hope you will accept that it was a moment of thoughtlessness and not an indication of my intelligence or sensitivity to such issues. I assure you it has caused me a sleepless night and much regret. I will now remove my foot from my mouth.

          1. David

            Chris 1,

            Kudos to you, and sincere thanks for reaching out personally.

            As I mentioned privately, water under the bridge, and a sincere hope for whisky in the glass in the future.


      2. Jeff

        Truth to tell, it’s exactly the reason that I wished the record was left as it was, so no one would have to wonder what was said. I understand the choice that Curt made, his reasons, and his right to both, but I didn’t think it was anything that couldn’t be dealt with on the record, as, although I couldn’t support the original comment, I had as much faith as anyone else that Chris 1 never intended any harm.


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