An Update

Apologies for the infrequency of updates in recent days.  Bit of a challenging time.  Lost someone dear to me this morning after a lengthy struggle.  I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t occupied much of my mind space over the past couple months.  An upcoming surgery has kept me preoccupied, and as of last week I find myself in career transition mode.  A lot of stress and uncertainty leading up to this have been a greater distraction than I care to admit.

In short…head hasn’t been in the game.  But we’ll fix that.  Ever onwards.

Thanks for support and many warm comments.

More soon.


– Curt

16 thoughts on “An Update

  1. David


    Any one of those things would be enough to maintain website silence for quite a while. To be dealing with all three at once, that’s a lot of stress.

    One wonderful thing about the internet, and this applies particularly to someone like you who (it can be said) imprints a clear personality in your website, is that you probably now have people all over the world contemplating your burden and hoping for better times for you.

    My thoughts are with you, as are my condolences, and a wish for better times soon.

  2. Jeff

    Sorry to hear about all the stress you’re under right now, and I’m sorry about your loss. All the best.

  3. Mike. M

    Hang in there cowboy. You’re not walking down the dusty trail alone. Those barley sewn field’s and abundant peat bogs await your return.

  4. Brent

    Things tend to balance out long run, so should be on the upswing soon. Doesn’t lessen the hurt in the short term though. Condolences to you and yours.

  5. Basidium

    Shit happens,. It is all part of the journey. Get better and press on. That is what you’d want if you were on the bed looking up at us. Take comfort knowing we all would be supporting you looking down at you – and that you’d want us to enjoy a wee dram in honor of your journey.

  6. Mike Stinson

    Never rush the whisky in the glass. Same with what stresses us. Take your time, we will be here.

  7. Chris 1

    We are here when you are ready, Curt. Life’s a shit sandwich sometimes, but you take the bad with the good and hope for some kind of balance and carry on. I sense that your Karma is good enough to withstand a few good hits. We’ll be here waiting for you, mate. No need to rush. Cheers.

  8. David

    Looks like things are going from bad to worse in Alberta. To anyone on this site who lives in (or knows anyone who lives in ) Fort McMurray, my thoughts go out to you.

    1. Chris 1

      Ditto to that David. Our Albertan neighbours have had a rough time of it lately.
      The Red Cross has collected over $50 million to date. It might be better now to donate to the Fort Mac food bank or the Salvation Army where all the money is used to provide for those in need. We could all forego a bottle or two in order to help out. Cheers.

  9. ATW Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, all. Things are good. Some problems and setbacks, yeah, but that’s what life is. We just knock ’em down one at a time and move forward. Hoping to get a review or two up in the next couple days, and pull together a bunch more notes to tide me over for the next couple weeks. I have surgery this coming Tuesday, so the sipping will slow, but a backlog of tasting notes should help fill that gap.

    Again…thanks for being around. Appreciate it.


    1. skeptic

      Hope everything went well for you yesterday. Speedy recovery, and may your malts be more complex than any medical condition….

        1. ATW Post author

          Thanks, gents. All well. Just recovery now. Went off the meds a little too soon. Painful day, but pain is just a feeling. We’re fixed up and ready to move forward.

          Appreciate all the well wishes from everyone.


  10. wissler

    A little thought for you from France, where it is difficult to find a great website such as yours to read interesting reviews. Thank you for your job, I look forward to reading you more often!



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