Glenglassaugh 35 y.o. Ronnie Routledge (The Chosen Few Series) Review

Glenglassaugh 35 y.o. Ronnie Routledge (The Chosen Few Series)bottles 002

49.6% abv

Score:  89.5/100


Glenglassaugh is an interesting malt to wrap your head around.  It’s either very old (and consequently very expensive) or very young and beleaguered with all of the inherent issues that generally follow suit in young whisky.  This all stems from a seemingly insurmountable gap in production.  The distillery was shuttered for 21 years between the late 80s and the late 2000s.

While the younger malts produced since 2009 are not much more than unrealized potential, the older ones can be subtle and rich in character.  I love some of the latter.  The former…well…let’s just say I’m rooting for ’em, if not 100% enamoured yet.  It’s a long road ahead for this brand, but I think it will happen.  The right people are running the show.

This was the first release in The Chosen Few Series, in which each of the ten casks in the range were selected by a different employee.  This run of bottlings followed on the heels of the Manager’s Legacy Series, and this particular cask was chosen by Ronnie Routledge, Sales and Marketing Representative.  The cask in focus was a sherry butt that yielded a whopping 654 bottles at the advanced age of 35 years.  Impressive outturn.  Obviously the angel’s saked their thirst elsewhere and left the ‘Glassaugh alone.

Not sure about Ronnie’s qualifications when it comes to cask selection, but if he can pick ’em like this…ok.  Think he may have a back-up plan if the sales thing doesn’t work out.

Nose:  Cinnamon bun dough.  Vanilla.  Orange, blueberry and dried cherry.  Sugar cookies.  Pear-heavy fruit cocktail.  Peach candy.  Mild cigar and old cask.  Fruit leather.  Very soft, faint spices.

Palate:  Rather sharp at delivery, and lacking a lot of the softer fruit notes the nose hints at.  Still some tart dried orange fruits though.  Some sort of stewed fruit.  Leather.  Somewhat tannic.  Moist tobacco.  Drying finish.

Thoughts:  Almost a great whisky, but certainly very, very good.  I’ll never turn one of these down, but a caution…comes complete with a pretty hefty price tag.  Possibly a justified expense?


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt


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