Arran 17 y.o. Review

Arran 17 y.o.102

46% abv

Score:  86.5/100


Arran turns 20 this year.  That’s right.  20.  I know we’re all used to distilleries touting claims of antecedence and longevity, but Arran is a relative upstart in the Scotch whisky world.  The distillery was founded in 1993, released it’s first malt a couple years later and has since continued an evolution that has been both innovative and on an impressive upward trajectory.

Arran, it should be noted, is one of the heavyweights in the cask manipulation game.  They’ve engaged in malt maturation in a wide range of barrel types, put together quirky and unusual vattings and found angles to market these oddball releases (think Devil’s Punchbowl, the Peacock Edition, Millennium Casks, Machrie Moor, Moscatels, Madeiras, Pomerols, etc).  Sounds a little like Bruichladdich’s M.O., no?  None of this tomfoolery works, however, without a good base spirit, and fortunately Arran is another distillery that has managed to find a sweet spot with their distillate.  Good new make put into good barrels leads to great whisky.  And that is exactly what is happening here.

It’s already been a fun ride watching Arran mature and evolve into a respectable malt, and quite frankly, they’re only getting better.  The prospect of some really mature whisky from this distillery in another decade or so is enough to seriously whet the appetite if the character holds consistent.  Arran’s most mature expression to date is this 17 year old, but now that we’re into 2015 we should be seeing an 18 year old crop up at any time.  I know some whisky geeks that will be vulturously watching the clock tick down till the release of that one, just as lecherously as those out there who had their creepy Emma Watson birthday countdowns going.  (Bad joke, I know)

And this one?  Clean, elegant 17 year old malt.  As the warehouses on the Isle of Arran fill up over the years, and the blenders have more casks to choose from, I can see this whisky getting better and better.

Nose:  Some great fruity notes.  A little bit of orange and milk chocolate.  Some very soft vanilla cream notes.  A faint banana note.  Good granola.  Some citrus…almost lemon meringue pie-ish.  A touch of butterscotch.  Nice spiciness.  Great creamy nose.

Palate:  Some cinnamon on the tip of the tongue.  Apple and lemon.  Berry coulis.  Toasted marshmallow.  More spices and licorice too.  Some oak comes at the back, but not a strong influence.

Thoughts:  One of, if not the best Arran I’ve tried to date.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

5 thoughts on “Arran 17 y.o. Review

  1. Robert

    Also like the Arran 17. Hope you got to try or buy a bottle of kwm bottling of the 17. It was in a different league all together. Unfortunately as of Saturday it is all sold out … just as I was about to pick one up!

  2. Robert

    I’ve only had the 10, as that’s all we get. The 10 is okay, but not one I keep on hand, especially at the price. How much better is this 17? Other reviewers seem to have really liked the 14.

    1. Peter Benkoczki

      For me, Arran is better, as it gets older. 16 and 17 were very nice, maybe the 17 has more depth, due to increased amount of sherry-casks.

      I suspect it will be wonderful az 20+.

      1. Robert

        Yeah, but at what price? I paid too much for the 10 for its quality. That’s why I mentioned the 14, as many comments indicate it is well worth the higher price. Is that true for the 16/17? Usually I will pay more for better juice, but it has to make sense. For example, I don’t care for the base Dalmore, but enjoy the 15, even though it costs 50% more. However, none of the older Dalmores are worth the price increase over the 15. At least to me. Oh what the heck! I’ll just pick up a Corry and a Buchanan 18 instead!

        1. Peter Benkoczki

          Ihaven’t had the 10 for years now, but it’d always pretty cheap here. The 16/17 is double or triple the price of it, but is think they worth it.
          And yes, even the 18 yo will be quite expensive, i guess.


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