You hear that rumbling? Like a great old engine awakened from a long slumber? Me too. I think it’s time. The monster has awoken.

You ready to do this all over again, friends?

10 thoughts on “Psssst…

    1. ATW Post author

      He has. And raring to go. Many posts and reviews building up in the archives here.

      Now…if only we could run a jolt of current through the Maltmonster’s testicles (tentacles! I meant tentacles! Like the great Cthulhu!) and get him spurred into action again…

  1. Joe

    I’m still checking for updates and did a double take this time!
    Are you still a SMWS member? Would like to see more reviews but maybe it’s pointless given bottles come and go so quickly. Plus allocation differs from around the world.

    1. ATW Post author

      Hi, Joe.

      I am still a member, yes. Will definitely review some Society releases when interesting ones pop up. Cheers.


  2. kallaskander

    Hi Curt,

    you remember sku? His quitting was quite a shock. He is now posting for K&L.
    But more rumblings are going on.

    and for other reasons

    So it is a small wonder you decided to go on after all the time of hiatus.
    I have posted about the demise of whisky and the interest in it here on your blog in the past. About the soft skills on the consumer side the whisky industry choses to ignore because they live in their comfortable bubble.
    But the fatigue with whisky is spreading I think and there might be a needle in the air somewhere already.
    So let me commend you for going on… for the time. And hope we will last long here alltogether.


    1. ATW Post author

      Look forward to reading through these links later this eve.

      In the meantime, thanks for the kind words. I have things to say, and as long as people are willing to listen…we’ll keep going. It wasn’t so much fatigue for me as it was conflict of interest. I think that has largely been resolved. I also just don’t care as much if people want to question me on it. Hahaha.

      Hope all is well, mate.

  3. David

    Great to see the premier whisky site of Canada up and running again. Definitely caught me by surprise.

    Looking forward to new content. My thirst for quality reading about whisky is often greater and more easily managed than my thirst for whisky itself.

    1. ATW Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, mate. Tried posting the word on Connosr, but can’t log in and received no reply when I emailed them. Oh well.


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